This is a digital era that we are living in and children are exposed to digitalization at an early age. Even the new policy introduced by the Government states that coding is important and they have planned to implement it at an early age. There is a group of parents who favors coding but then there is another group of parents who are against it. Every coin has two sides just as coding can be advantageous and disadvantageous both at the same time. We need to figure it out as to whether advantages are more than the disadvantages or vice versa. Just to make it easy for you, we have listed some pros and cons of teaching coding to kids.

PROS: It is a larger group that thinks that coding is useful in child mind development and here’s we will tell you the reason for it.

  • Problem-solving attitude and critical thinking: A child needs to have a vision of the outcome for which they are coding. They will have to visualize as to what the end result will be once the coding is over. This will help them in enhancing critical thinking ability. Moreover, if something goes wrong while coding then they have to fix that error too. This ability will help them in developing a problem-solving attitude. These two skills will help them in thinking in advance with a creative approach. Isn’t it great to instill such skills in children at an early age?
  • Sequential thinking: It is necessary to know what the next step is when you take the first one. It is like arranging an event step by step to execute if effectively. Let’s compare this to reading comprehension. Don’t you form a step by step story format in your brain while answering questions? You can consider it somewhat similar to this one. You have to train your brain to think on sequence so that the execution of the coding comes out fine and effective.
  • Building stronger communication: coding is a language through which you can communicate with a computer. Your computer does not understand those massive programs but it can understand this simplified language of coding. Hence coding is all about having complex ideas broken down to form simple language and communicated to a computer. Children can incorporate this into their lifestyle by carrying big ideas in mind but putting it forward in the simplest ways.
  • Employment opportunities: The field of computer research is booming these days. The statistical data suggests that a career in coding will have a brighter future. Hence you can say that your child is getting ready for the future. The growth opportunity is huge and it is a way to a much lucrative career pathway.
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CONS: A group of individuals thinks that coding is nothing but a scam. They have an opinion that many people in past have contributed greatly without learning to code. Well, this is true though but you can choose what you think is right.

  • Not necessary: We know that technology changes very quickly. Hence coding may be important to know as of now but over the time the need may diminish. Coding skills may become useless in the future.
  • The burden to kids: Kids need to enjoy learning and master over basic life skills rather than sitting in front of a screen and coding. Children should focus more on interpersonal skill development and indulge in physical activity rather than staying physically inactive in front of the computer.
  • The coding need is declining: With the introduction of coding software, the need for coders is declining with time. In such a scenario it would be wrong to make children learn coding that is not going to give any fruitful outcome.

The bottom line is that whether a child should learn coding or not is entirely a choice of a child and their parent. We would focus on the child’s interest rather than pushing them to learn to code only because everyone else is doing it.

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