Where would we be without the teachers in our lives?

Nowhere. They are considered as the building blocks of society and in some cultures, as important as parents to people. A major part of the success that one achieves in life is due to the teachers. The role of a teacher is more than educating students that are with them. They also act as mentors and role models for many students. A teacher holds the key to the all-round development of an individual.


The prevailing situation has brought about a massive change in the way the learning process works today. The life of teachers before 2020 revolved around well accepted conventional norms of teaching. There was a comfort of having a face to face interaction and making use of the physical environment that fits teaching. This is something that teachers are devoid of in the year 2020. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has deeply affected the lives of teachers and students all around the world. There is more to mention about the challenges that teachers are facing.

Major challenges being faced by teachers in 2020 

  • Difficulty in keeping students on board and eliminating all sorts of distractions during the learning period.
  • Converting the learning material into a digital format for making it accessible to students. It is important to realize that not all teachers are good with computers.
  • Connectivity issues due to the unpredictable nature of networks.
  • Not everyone has access to computers, the Internet, and other required facilities.
  • With no earlier experience with online teaching, teachers are finding it difficult to cope with the workload.
  • It is also quite difficult to personalize teaching because what works for one student may not necessarily work for the other.
  • Handling multiple tasks on a digital platform requires a lot of planning and the lack of time to do so is stressing the teachers out.
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There is a risk of a burning desire for teachers due to the added pressure from schools and college admins in the year 2020. Not to forget, the verbal abuse that teachers around the world are facing is not what they deserve. These unsupported and underpaid people who are finding it difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance are still willing to help their students in whatever way possible.

On Teacher’s Day 2020, the least we could do is realize what they are going through and appreciate them for all their efforts in these difficult times. On behalf of the entire team at CollegeBol, here’s wishing a Happy Teacher’s Day to teachers all around the world.

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