Are you facing difficulty finding an internship?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, students are finding it very difficult to land internships. With companies not being able to sustain old employees, hiring interns is next to impossible. Along with that a lot of parents also have concerns about going physically for an internship. Hence, local internships are not easily accessible.

During such times one solution to this problem is finding already remote internships. These internships don’t require you to leave your house. This is a 100% virtual internship. They work online and do not expect you to be physically present. These are the best, and most productive ways to utilize your time and gain exposure at the same time.

During the pandemic, a common concern is how to land in such a virtual internship? Here’s how you can find a virtual internship:

  1. Look for companies that hire only remote interns. Before the pandemic as well there were companies that hired remote interns. Look for these companies and mail them regarding your interest in pursuing an internship with them.
  2. The usage of endless college resources is another option. Many universities have special career counseling centers. These centers will help you find firms that are hiring interns. Even if your university does not have a center, your faculty will be more than happy to guide you with the same. Faculty as well as alumni of the college will have connections in the field of your interest. They can connect you with these people so that you can gain meaningful experience. Colleges are generally very open to such requests and help students.
  3. Reach out to your network. This is another option to find an internship. Reach out to all your family members, friends, and if there are any connections you made in the school. Let everyone know that you’re looking for such an opportunity to intern. They can give you appropriate advice and connect you to the right people in the industry. It is an effective way to gain exposure.
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Other than this, to make productive use of your time, you could also write a research paper, take up online courses, and learn new skills that will give you an edge and increase your knowledge at the same time!

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