Mr. Shubham is a Microsoft certified Azure Data scientist and an  MCT, AI, and cloud professionals. He is also the founder of Mulberry solutions. He holds experience in designing, implementing Azure AI Solutions, DevOps solutions, and ethical hacking.

What are AI and machine learning?

AI refers to the decision-making prowess of machines and computers to perform tasks that humans can do but with increased efficiency, higher accuracy, and at better speeds. Repetitive tasks are performed with increased efficiency by AI-enabled machines. It works on the concept of learning from the data entered.

Machine learning is just a field that comes under Artificial Intelligence. It is a series of step by step algorithms (of procedures) to perform tasks. Machine learning is of 3 types

Supervised – managed by supervision and guidelines

Unsupervised – no supervision and guidelines, works independently

Reinforced – makes decisions and learns from them to improve it

Some websites that Mr. Shubham recommends to get a deep insight into AI and machine learning are: (data sets) (Government data sets)

Other tools that can be used to learn about AI and Machine Learning are- AWS(Amazon web services)

  • Sagemaker(cloud machine learning platform), Azure(cloud machine learning platform)
  • QnA maker (chatbot making platform) LUIS.AI (language understanding system)
  • Power BI (data visualization platform)
  • Tableau (data visualization platform) Clickview (data integration platform)
  • R programming or python programming


Some of the career opportunities in the field of AI and machine learning are –

  • Teaching
  • AI Engineering (automation)
  • Maintaining electronic medical reports in hospitals Data analysis
  • Robotic process automation
  • Call centers (chatbots).
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AI has limitations too because it needs data to implement tasks. Moreover, it is not good at creative work such as art forms, or even tasks like food tasting. Therefore, for such task performance,  human interaction is preferred over AI.

The most important skills required to perform well in this field are

  • The necessity to question things and asking ‘why?’
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python and R. Analytical skills
  • Basic English skills
  • Mathematical and statistical skills
  • Perseverance and patience

What is deep learning?

A field of AI that involves neural networks that is similar to neurons in the human brains that act as receptors.

Deep learning is classified into 2 categories that are Recurrent neural networks and Convolutional neural network

AI reduces human errors in tasks and it performs repetitive tasks well with improving efficiency. However, at the same time, it is the major cause of unemployment and can take control of humans over time. Therefore, we need to ensure that we maintain a proper balance check in the progress of AI and machine learning.

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