Nehaal Kinariwala is a renowned interior designer. He has been in the field of interior design for ever a decade. He caters to the design needs of residential, hospital, commercial, retails, exhibitions, etc. Mr. Nehaal also conducts various workshops. Along with that, he is an active management committee member IID Ahmedabad chapter. He is also working on education projects at an NGO. For his CSR activity, he is creating better spaces in society. Along with that, he is also a state-level basketball player. His favorite activity is to go on long drives with his music anytime that he gets time. Along with that, he loves sketching. He tends to sketch the places that he visits for his own memories.

Difference between Interior Designing and architecture ?

In architecture one builds the basic design on the space. The architect designs any kind of space constructed. He designs the entire layout of the space. He decides the ideal location for each aspect of the space constructed. The architect constructs the volume. Interior designers design the inside of the construction. According to its usage and requirements, the interior designers bring life to the raw construction.

Architects also work on macro scale. However, they learn how to design the space and have only 1 semester of interior design subjects. The other semesters they also learn about government rules and requirements when constructing any space. On the other hand interior design works on a micro-scale. For 3 or 5 years depending on the course they learn only the creativity and requirements of designing a space.

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What is a basic process that any interior designer has to follow?

In most cases the interior designers follow a process to design any space. Firstly they take a brief from the client. The brief includes the client’s vision for the space, their requirements, and special needs that they might have. The designer then sees the layout of the space. They fit the requirements of the clients, infuse their creativity and make a layout. A conceptual presentation is then created and shown to the clients. The client gives any feedback or changes that they want to be made. All the feedback is taken, validated, and then final changes are made.

A final presentation is shown to the clients. The entire project and based on the drawings made after this presentation. The last step is the execution and the minute changes post the execution. To know an in detail process go and check out the expert session with Mr. Nehaal.

Best part about interior designing?

The best part about this career is the client satisfaction. Mr. Nehaal says that the project and the designer is only successful if the client likes the space. It might be just 1 project or the designer but it is the entire lifestyle. Hence, the clients satisfaction shows the success of the designer.

Specializations after interior designing are many. Post under graduation in Interior design one can opt for masters in product design, interior design, and landscape (exterior) design, architecture design.

Demand and scope of architecture and design is very high. Interior design is a repetitive process. All spaces require makeover is occasionally. Mr. Nehaal believes that sky is the limit. There are endless opportunities for designing residents, corporates, café, restaurants, and many more. Future of interior designers in India and abroad also is very bright.

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