Coding is the process of creating instructions that the computer follows and executes. Let me simplify it for you. Just imagine that you want to communicate with someone who knows German only, but you don’t know that language, so you use the translator to communicate with them. Likewise, computer only understands binary language, coding is that intermediator that helps you command the computer and ask it to execute functions. Coding helps us create software’s, applications, and websites. The applications that we use, and the website that we visit are all made with the help of coding.

Do you know how many coding languages are there? Let me help you with it. There are a lot of different coding languages. Each language is used for specific purposes. However, there are a few basic languages like HTML, Java, CSS, Python, among others. CSS’s specific purpose is to beautify the output. Through this language we can use variety of fonts, placements, etc. Java script is a language which brings interaction to the pages. For example, when you type or click on something it shows you that you are clicking it. This functionality is brought by Java. There are numerous such languages. In fact, coders often specialize in specific languages.

Did you know that coding is really important in today’s day and age? In this digital world, it is important to stay updated with the technology. The governments’ new NEP policy also highlights this. The union minister of Human resource development, Mr. Ramesh Pokhariyal ‘Nishank’ announced that coding will be a part of school education from grade 6 for all students. In fact, coding has now become very important, the government has brought this amazing and updated change. Indeed, the students in class 6 and beyond will learn coding as a mandatory subject.

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Hence, to strengthen the nation and update the education provided to students, this is a momentous step by the government which will greatly benefit the students!

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