As a student would you take a chance or choice? What do you think you have done majorly? You went to school that was your family’s choice. Was that fruitful to you in any way? We cannot deny the fact that schools and colleges play an important role in a student’s life. However, something that matters, even more, is the freedom to study what you want to. Many times we see that students are forced to take up a career that looks very lucrative. Do you think that it is true even in today’s’ era? Globalization proves that every skill and every field has an opportunity. All you need is to change a viewpoint and support your ward to take up that interest them.

  • Good marks don’t decide career: Do you think that you should make a choice depending upon the marks you get? Certainly not. No matter how much you secure but in the end, it is your area of interest that you should go for. If you score 90%, does not mean that you should study engineering. Rather you should go for that keeps you hooked to it.
  • Quantifying success: So many students round the year qualify to become a doctor, engineer, CA, and other professions. We are not in a rat race to prove our superiority. Rather we are here to establish our interest as our profession. Therefore do not go for quantifying success rather you should focus on your individuality.
  • Parents’ advice: Parents want us to qualify, educate, and get self-dependent. They often advise us to choose a career that has better prospectus and they are not wrong. However, at times parents’ advice turns into a nightmare for that child who takes up a career as per their choice. They simply don’t enjoy what they are doing and successes don’t come that often then.
  • Unburden yourself: When you take up subjects and choose a career that does not motivate you, then you carry a burden for life. Choose that you are passionate about and keep the burden off you.
  • Calling a success: We would say here that success is a relative term and often classified as per the standards and class of people. If you are doing that motivates and you and satisfy you then you are a successful person. When you choose to do what interests you then it will lead you to success. Hence go for a choice and not a chance.
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If you really want to enjoy what you are doing then choose and don’t leave it to chance.

You will wake up motivated every morning if you choose and don’t leave it to a chance.

If you really want to experience satisfaction and happiness from your work then choose and don’t go for a chance. It is up to you to decide whether to go with a chance or choice.

If you really want to do what you want to then support yourself or ask us. We can support you by becoming your voice. You can get in touch with us through our counseling program. Collegebol provides immense sources and resources to give you the best. Just follow us and know more about us as it benefits you.

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