A resume is your key to the job. You must highlight your work experience, skills, and important accomplishments so that the employer can make a decision. The resume is your first impression on your employer. You must be very careful with what you include in your resume. There are 5 things that you should never include in your resume.

  1. Irrelevant work experience – When applying for jobs do not mention work experience that is not relevant to the job profile that you are applying for. Include those experiences that have value. These experiences might not be relevant but they showcase relevant skills that you might possess. The employer would want to see only work experience that can show why you should be hired.
  2. Personal stuff – Try not to mention anything personal. This includes religion, marital status, sexual orientation, children, age, etc. A potential employer doesn’t need any such information in the recruitment process. The employer might also make assumptions based on these things and reject it outright. Avoiding such information is advisable.
  3. Anything that is not true – This is the most important thing to take care of. Never ever mention anything that is false. If you are caught, it risks your credibility in the market. It will become very hard to get any job or be trusted. This is ethically wrong as well. It isn’t a risk worth taking.
  4. Fancy fonts and formats – Avoid using fancy fonts or formats. It might look good, but if not formatted well it doesn’t show your professionalism. The fonts should be easily readable. It shouldn’t take time for the employer to read the resume. In just one glance they should be able to get a gist of it. Also, the formatting should be uniform and in such a way that it’s easily readable. One-pager resumes are recommended with short sentences and fewer words.
  5. Objective statement – It is better to not write what you are seeking in a job and your objective. Rather mention a career summary profile, branding statement, or a 2 liner statement saying what you have to offer to the employer. This will show you as a giver and not a seeker.
  6. Unprofessional Email Id – Give a professional email id in your resume. Avoid the casual email ids that you made as a child. These email ids can show that you aren’t mature enough and unprofessional. Example:  sweetangel@xyz.com is not professional at all. Rather make a new email id, which takes only a couple of minutes and is free.
  7. References – Do not mention any references. Do not waste space on this. Also do not mention lines like *references available upon request*. Your employer if wants to talk to your references will request you to send a list accordingly. All employers are aware that job seekers have references available. Rather than wasting space, add something else which is meaningful.
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To sum up, these can stop you from getting an interview in the first place. Make an easily readable, filtered, and professional resume to have an edge!

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