Are you confused about your ideal career? There are plenty of career options to choose from which increases our confusion. Here are 7 easy steps that will help you choose your career.

  1. Find your passion – Firstly, everyone has to introspect and see where our passion lies. Which work will actually give us joy? It is often said, find your passion and it is no longer work. Likewise, the first step to choosing a successful career is looking into yourself and finding your passion. Have you ever thought that I want to do something in life that I enjoy? Do you enjoy playing an instrument, playing sports, or playing with numbers? All of these are potential careers. So look for what makes you happy, that is where your passion lies.
  2. List of jobs or careers you can have – Once you know what field your passion lies in, the next step is to make a list of ALL possible career options. Have you ever thought, I love watching and playing sports, what career can come out of that? Let me tell you, there is a wide range of courses in sports management, sports analytics, sports participation, and a lot more. People make millions after having jobs in such fields as well. The list can be as long as you want. You need to literally write every single job that aligns with your passion. In fact, this will help you make an informed choice.
  3. Know about those in detail – Next, research about all these jobs in detail. Check out the job outlook for each one. The job titles may seem fancy, but you need to see what is your actual role and work. This will help you validate all your options.
  4. Make a shorter list – After this, make a shorter concise list of jobs. Shorten it down to 5 or 10 careers. After careful validation, choose your top probable career options.
  5. Identify your future goals – Everyone has certain goals in life. What do they want to earn in the future, where they see their lives headed, etc. Pen down these goals. For example, in the next 10 years, I see myself earning 1 lac per month. Make a list of every single goal that you have. Not only will it help you choose your career but will help you stay motivated and focused to achieve it.
  6. Choose one of those after validating – The future goals must align with the career of your choice. These specific goals will help you validate the career options shortlisted. Match your goals and the job outlook, pay scale, and any other factor involved. Then whichever matches the best with your goals, and at the same time is your passion and gives you joy, is your suitable career choice.
  7. Make goals towards the careers and write a career plan – The process doesn’t end here, in fact, it begins from here. Once you’ve chosen your probable career, you must write a career plan. To reach your career goal, check what are the steps to be taken. Start with what qualifications you need, and then go about how you can achieve them to reach your career goal. See what the appropriate skills required are and begin working on them as well.
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Choosing a career can be scary and confusing. It is probably the biggest decision of your life. Just follow these steps and it will make the confusing decision into a much simpler choice.


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