College interviews can be tough for a lot of students. The challenge of presenting yourself in front of an interviewer is a challenge. There is a lot of weight-age of college interviews today. To make sure that you ace the interview, remember these common mistakes.

  1. Don’t lie – the most common mistakes made by a lot of students is that they lie in their interviews. If they do not know an answer an easy way is to bluff. However, the interviewers are very smart in this matter. They can easily tell when you lie and this can lead to a bad impression. Rather be honest and frank with the interviewer. In fact, it will make a good impression.
  2. Don’t dress inappropriately – Dressing is an important factor in an interview. Formal clothing is the right choice. It is not advised to be overdressed and wear funky clothes like ripped jeans.  The right clothing will create a good first impression on the interviewers. The way you dress and carry yourself will leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. It might not be a deciding factor but it carries a lot of weight-age.
  3. Don’t forget to ask questions – Before the interview ends, ask questions to the interviewer. But be very careful and don’t ask useless questions. This can prove to be immature on your end. Rather ask important questions that show your interest to pursue that course in that college. It shows your keenness to enter college and leaves a good impression.
  4. Don’t memorize answers – Never memorize answers for the interview. The interviewer may ask basic questions, but you shouldn’t memorize them. Rather write points about what you want to speak about and then as per the conversation make up an answer.  Memorizing can be risky as if you forget the answer, you’ll lose the confidence as well. Rather as per the flow of the conversation the answer can be tailored.
  5. Don’t be late – Being late for the interview suggests to the college that you are not interested or aren’t serious regarding the college. To put your best foot forward try to reach before time and get settled. Be prepared and confident before the interview. Be punctual and show your dedication to the interview.
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College interviews are very important. They can be a deciding factor if you get into a university or not. To sum up, you must be very careful while giving the interview. You must not do any of these so as to build a good impression and ace your college interview.


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