They say your network is your net worth. In any field one wants to make career it is essential that they know the right people from the industry. To do so you undoubtedly must network through your college years and get well acquainted. The ways of networking are diverse. In fact, with technology, we have even got online platforms where you can connect with people. Here are 4 different ways in which college students can build a strong network.

  1. Campus involvement – Be as involved as you can in your college. Join the clubs or societies that are existing in the college. This is a great way to network. You’ll get to know people from all courses and make lifelong connections which will definitely help you in the future. In fact, you will also enhance your CV.
  2. Faculty interaction – most of the students have a tendency to just attend lectures and leave. With the huge class strength in college, the professors will not have personal relations with all. Hence, you must take efforts and get to know the faculty. They can help you in many different ways. If you are looking for internships, they could recommend you for the same. Along with that, they can share their valuable knowledge which will help you a lot. They can be a huge help for building your future. Hence, it’s highly advisable to keep in close contact with your professors.
  3. LinkedIn, social media – platforms like LinkedIn are a great help when you want to network. When you meet people be sure to find them on LinkedIn later and add them. In future, they might be of help to you whenever you need it. Keep your profile updated and connect with only the people you know. You can find people from all kinds of business and professions, from CEOs to interns everyone is there on LinkedIn. It is one of the most effective and modern tools for networking. Along with that Facebook groups like school alumni, can be very helpful as well.
  4. Events – In every city of the world there are countless events happening daily. Based on your field attend these events. You can find them on event platforms, LinkedIn, social media, etc. It is at such events that you will find like-minded people. However, in such events don’t forget to make the first move. Go and introduce yourself. This will boost your confidence and even get you connections that are genuinely helpful.
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To conclude, networking is a strong tool to build your life and come closer to your goals. College is one such place where you have the time and the resources to build an efficient and strong network. Utilize this time to network and enhance your career!

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