Dr. Shashikant Bhagat is a faculty member of marketing communication at the National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism. In the past, he has worked as Management Representative and was a faculty member at the International School of Business and Media at Pune. He is awarded his doctorate in 2018 from Hemchandra Acharya, North Gujarat in communication journalism. There are 20+ research papers that he has published at national and international level conferences/ seminars. He has done various e-learning courses in the advertisement.

Fun facts

Dr. Shashikant Bhagat likes to sing, read, and meet people to get more insight. He describes a funny incident that occurred when he first joined as a faculty in Pune. During the orientation, everyone misunderstood him as a student. It was the funniest incident in his life and he cherishes that moment a lot. Let’s hear and know more from him now.

What is the major difference between communication and mass communication?

Communication is basically a transmission of information. We transmit our ideas, thoughts, emotions, skills, knowledge using words/symbols/ pictures/ illustrations to communicate. Overall, communication is a mechanism through which human relation existence can develop.

Mass communication is a plural version of personal communication and a chain of communication going amongst the mass of people. It represents our thoughts or experience in mass communication. It is not a primary communication but it passing communication from a person to the rest of the mass. We make use of various communication channels so that we can convey the message to the mass.

What are the types of media and mediums?

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Medium: It is the language that we use for communication.

Media: It is a plural of the medium and It works with our senses to connects with them directly. For eg., we involve our eyes to get information when we watch TV. We can divide Mass communication is broadly into 4 categories namely print, electronic media, radio, and digital and social media. Moreover, advertising media is the one that we consume daily through TV, newspaper, radio, and many other platforms.

Which type of media is mostly used by today’s generation as per your recent survey?

The survey was conducted during the lockdown period to know what type of content people consume. We did research across the country and we took nearly 640 samples. The result shows that the credibility of TV was the most because it had good engagement. People were keeping an eye on the content of news, press conferences, movies to keep themselves entertained and updated. For a long time now print media was and it is still the most credible media.

Businesses were affected seriously affected by this pandemic so how advertising and PR is taking a lead?

Advertising is a paid form of communication whereas PR is an unpaid form of communication but both of them complement each other well. Brands promoted quality messages regarding the tips relative to COVID-19 to keep the brand face live during this pandemic. The coming time is of the advertisement and PR as the psychology of people post-pandemic is changing dynamically.


What are the best institutions for learning mass communication and what are its benefits in the future?

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He says that every media institute is great at its end therefore it is all about us that matters to stand out. Faculty members can nurture and help in developing your skills but in the end it is you who need to put effort and develop your skills as per the industry demand.

What kinds of courses or career options are available for the mass media students?

It is one of the most dynamic fields and it generates a lot of revenues. There are ample job opportunities in almost all the stages of mass media communication tree and new ones are emerging every day. Today it has emerged more as an industrial sector as compared to earlier which was only a service.

Please tell us 3 tips for social media advertising

  • Understand the audience
  • Product communication (Creating content)
  • Engaging audience tricks

How do I prepare for the entrance exam?

  • Get the latest updates.
  • Current affairs
  • General knowledge
  • Aptitude
  • General ability.  You can put all these together and then it is easy to crack the entrance examination.

How to get into journalism and can we get an internship in journalism without qualification in it?

There are 4 strata of completing journalism and they are mentioned here.

  • UG: 10+2
  • PG: 10+2+3
  • Ph. D/ M. Phil: On completing PG
  • Research fellowship

Internship: If you can perform well and have the skills then you can apply as an intern in a company of your choice. The data says that nearly 80% of the candidates get placement opportunities therefore one can take this up as a career.

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In all, Dr. Shashikant Bhagat affirms that the field of mass media and communication is an emerging field and its growth will not cease. It is upon the ability of the student to perform at his/her best and provide the industry what it demands. There are lots of opportunities available now and there will be many more in the near future too. All you need is the focus and the will to do it.

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