Do you love to play games? Is it your dream to play your favorite game all day long and earn money through it? Anyone who loves playing games has always dreamt of turning into a pro gamer! Games like counter-strike, Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, among others have competitive leagues where there’s money to be made. Pro gamers in these games earn a lot by winning competitions. So here’s how you can actually do it!

  1. Find your game – The first step is to always find a game. The competitions are very difficult. Always focus on one game. Turning into a pro gamer will require practice. Therefore choose a game that you have skills for and also love to play. There are 2 categories to choose from. Either choose a well-established game or an upcoming one. In a well-established game, the prizes are really high but it’s difficult for newcomers to break in. On the other hand, for upcoming games, it’s easy for newcomers but the prizes are not that great. Whichever you choose, stick to one game and master it. 
  2. Practice – Get really good at the game. This will require dedication and playing the game rigorously. You can research strategies and improve your skills. There will always be many tips and tricks to play like the pros. utilize them and practice as much as possible. Along with that to turn pro, watch the pro games. Watching how the pro players play and understanding their play can greatly improve your skills 
  3. Network and enter the community – There is a huge gaming community for each and every game. Get associated with the community to get an idea about the path ahead. It will be very motivating to network with the ones who share your passion and have fun. Within your network, you’ll also be able to practice together and keep learning and growing. It also helps you build your reputation so that you can get into teams easily. 
  4. Invest in gear – You will definitely need the right gear to get into the pro game. You must have the appropriate gear to gain a competitive advantage over others. Of course, there are a lot of options with regard to gaming gear. Choose the one that you think is the best for your game and allows you to play at a stretch with the same efficiency. 
  5. Find a team and compete – With great networking and solid game skills, you have to find a team. If you have a good reputation, you may be approached by teams to join them.  Once you are a part of the team begin competing. Initially in tournaments and then in live competitions as well. When you perform exceptionally you can also be noticed by the pro organizations and get recruited. In fact, the prize money can help you earn as well as expand. 

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Being a pro gamer definitely requires a lot of hard work, persistence, and dedication. Get ready to evolve and train even after you turn pro. Along with the perks of being a pro player always remember to stay positive, and keep finding the motivation to continue. The road map is clear now is the time to turn your passion into your career.  


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