Have you ever been a peer counselor? Peer to peer counseling helps both the peer counselor as well as the student. The peer counselors are students willing to help their peers in a lot of ways. The students benefit greatly from this experience. At the same time, it develops peer counselors positively and gives them a lot of benefits. There are a lot of perks of becoming a peer counselor.

  1. Leadership skill – All peer counselors receive training. They gain a lot of knowledge about how to lead their peers effectively. This gives them the most important skill required today. They learn to think as leaders and guide their peers effectively. Their mindset changes and they learn how to lead.
  2. Conflict resolution – The peers will require counseling to resolve problems. The students have a lot of different problems. Becoming a peer counselor develops a solution-oriented mindset. The problems of peers when solved effectively also increases self-esteem. The critical skill of problem-solving is also developed.
  3. Empathy and other skills – Empathy is a skill much needed in today’s generation. Empathy is stepping into other persons’ shoes and seeing things through their perspective. While solving all problems the peer counselor will have to be empathetic. The counselor also develops skills like patience, communication, and interpersonal skills while helping their peer.
  4. Volunteer experience – The universities always look for volunteer experiences in the resumes of students. Peer to peer counseling can play a major role there. It is very impressive on a resume. It shows that you are willing to help your peers with anything they need and also have a wide skill set.
  5. Personal growth – The counselors also develop themselves. Personal growth takes place and shapes them as a person. In addition, they can use their personal experiences to help others who are going through something similar. It is a challenging task that gives them exposure.
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Peer counselor doesn’t only mean guiding your peers. It also includes your own training and learning. The counselors are also shaped very positively through such experiences. They increase their skills, exposure, and aid their own personal growth. To know more about peer counseling is to check out the article: What is a peer to peer counseling?

Become a peer counselor today!

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