Ms. Drashti Pancholi is from Ahemdabad and she loves cooking and art. She spends her free time with her pet. Professionally, Drashti is working with Amazon in the Executive Recruitment team and she has worked with some reputed companies like Uber, Microsoft, and Flipkart. She has done her PGD in HRM and won a Gold medal as an outdoing student during her course of studies.

Let’s hear some tips from our expert from Ms. Drashti on a path that will take you to the right career.

Fun facts

Drashti’s absolute dream job is in the recruitment sector and she is doing it right now. She bought a Polaroid camera and that’s her favorite since she was a child. Her morning charge up is TEA and she avoids breakfast. She is an early bird and night-owl both. But professionally she is an early bird.

Should students take up courses that a mass follows?

Drashti says that students should not follow the herd until and unless you have a passion for it. If you have skills and interest to follow the most popular career choice, then only you should go for it. Initially, you will like it and follow it sincerely but later on it may not be fruitful. It will end up in boredom and not motivate you to get up and going. It will cease your growth. Even working with the organization, later on, will get difficult.

What happens to state of mind when one is forced to take up a career or a profession?

  • Lack of motivation to go to work.
  • Stress and depressed state of mind as you are forced to do the work.
  • It will affect your performance and therefore you will see no growth.
  • You cannot achieve success.
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What are the thinking processes a student should follow?

There are many kinds of processes a student can follow to know more about themselves.

  • Do a self-assessment
  • Know your strength and interest.
  • Know your skills and build them
  • Go through some career assessment sites (really good ones)
  • Know your future goal
  • Meet people and build a relationship
  • Create a LinkedIn account and follow useful pages.

She believes that lateral thinking helps a lot in having an overall view and solves problems. Students should take up internships as they are very helpful and important. They give your chance to explore and corporate experience in overall.

Are there in career assessment tests that students can take up?

Drashti says that there are many and she names a few like, few colleges, and universities have a career assessment test. She says that you must take a self-assessment test before you move to career assessment tests. She personally does not believe much but one should do proper research and then appear for it. Consult well before undergoing such tests.

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Can we join a course to become an air hostess/cabin crew after completing BBA?

You must check online to be sure. Mostly, from the educational point of view, there is no restriction. All you need is good communication skills and confident body language.

Are there any specialized courses in a bachelor’s degree that many may not be aware of?

There are many colleges and organizations that offer such courses. One must look for autonomous institutes that offer a specialization such as in political science, mass communication and journalism. They offer other subjects too that you can choose. So, having multiple specializations in bachelor’s will give wider options when you come to masters. It will leave students with many opportunities.

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How can we improve our communication skills?

Listen to a lot of Ted Talks. Read a lot of books that may be of any kind. Try to communicate in that particular language with friends and family. You can opt for courses to improve written communication. Write more about yourself and other things. Keep writing practice. Avoid writing short cuts while messaging a friend.

Do you think students should approach career counselor? Is it important?

According to Drashti, it is the last step. Well, students should self assess them and brainstorm themselves to know their goals. Approach a career counselor if you are really unsure of your future goals and do not have a clear vision. You must visit a career counselor at a stage when you have tried everything but have not worked it out.

Please let us know a few books that would help students/ viewers.

Drashti said that she will share a list of books that are worth reading and she will share it with us later.

She lastly added that students should choose the right institute to pursue their studies as it matters a lot. It is important in terms of HR.

CollegeBol is such a platform where you will find all the relevant information.

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