Do you like guiding students or have you ever helped students in choosing their career or college? There is n number of colleges and institutes in our country. Hence if you get a review from a website or from the horse’s mouth itself, then it is much admired. Honestly, the students are looking for such counselors who can guide them in choosing desired colleges. A role of a student counselor is not very simple because It involves helping students to make better decisions. There are many questions that a counselor has to handle and answer them with accuracy. CollegeBol is one such platform where you have the opportunity to put your hobby of lending a helping hand and turn into a profession. The counselor comes with a specific ability to make a student comfortable and decide upon their career.

  • It is all about having an active ear to listen carefully regarding the need of the student. You should take an active interest in them and make them realize their problems are important. It is necessary to relate to the problems and the queries that the students may come up with. It is important to analyze and then give them the required guidance.
  • You should work in such a way that it aims in developing solution and setting goals. Understand a basic timeline and make it approachable to them. Provide your peer with basic information like application form filling process to complex ones like getting the admission or scholarship (if available).

  • Bridging the gap between parents and a student is quite acknowledging. Sometimes parents and students have different mindsets due to which there are conflicts. Parents think as per their logic and students want to do things as per the trend. This can result in a conflict and you can carefully listen to both sides to give an appropriate solution. You can share your experience or other’s experience to make both sides understand better.
  • Passion and compassion both are equally important when you think of becoming a counselor. You need to understand and admit that your peer is seeking from you the silliest answers. Therefore you have to remain prepared for the same. Assure them that they are in a safe space and you are ready to address the problem with a suitable solution.
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If you think that you have all these qualities in you then you have a vast platform waiting for you in the field of academics. Let’s work for the better future of the students together. CollegeBol team believes in giving guidance and information to the core. Be a part of such a team and get a chance to show your talent to us.



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