Ms. Priti Bhole is a 4th-year student of electronics and telecommunication engineering, from Mumbai University.  Ms. Priti cracked the CAT exam in the first attempt with a 98.4 percentile. So, she has shared with us insights on how to score a good percentile in CAT. She secured admission in NITIE, premium B-school. She is also a social worker with a national service scheme and has served for 240 hours in 2 years, school. Her work included old age home visits, orphanage visits, awareness drives, and street plays. Ms. Priti also interned with KASA KAI, Mumbai as a community leader for dance and discussion-based communities. Her magic to crack CAT is a lot of preparation and positivity.

  • Fun Facts:

Apart from this, she is an energetic and optimistic person. One food item that she can eat for all her life is chicken. She loves to write, draw, & dance. In fact, she was a state-level dancer but eventually lost touch with it. In fact, like most of us, she dreads waking up early in the morning.

  • Tips to prepare for CAT
  1. Make targets – Rather than spending a fixed number of hours to prepare, make small targets, and achieve them. 
  2. Take mocks and ANALYSE – Before even starting the preparation, give a mock exam.  Analyzing each question will help you turn your weakness into strengths and master your strengths as well.  Also, don’t give a lot of mocks. If you spend 3 hours writing a mock, spend 10 hours analyzing it for the best results. 
  3. Practice – The more you practice the better you will be able to answer the questions. This is an aptitude test that can only be developed over time. Thus, practice is the only key to crack this exam. 
  • What keeps you motivated while preparing for CAT?
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Your support system includes your teachers, parents, and friends. Indeed, their support and words will keep you going as you will need to spend a lot of hours preparing for the exam. Along with that be your own motivator. As well as keep repeating positive thoughts. Surround yourself with good vibes and energy which will help you put in the long hours to prepare. Also, be confident in your preparation. If you believe in yourself and the efforts that you have put into preparing for the exam. You will definitely score better. In fact, don’t shy away from putting effort.

  • How to be ready for the interview?

Interviews are more difficult than giving the exam. In the interviews, you will be competing with the people who have scored similar scores as you have. In addition to the CAT score, interviews play a major role in securing admission in top B-schools. Here it is very important to stand out. Hence, you must prepare for personal interviews and group discussions. Head to our Instagram page to know more tips from Ms. Priti on how to prepare for the interview. An expert session with Ms. Priti Bhole

  • Preparation steps after securing admission in a B-school

Currently, Ms. Priti is doing courses on Coursera that will help her in the program. She feels that in this day and age one must constantly upskill themselves. So once secured the admission one must constantly upskill and spend time with their loved ones which won’t be possible due to the hectic and intensive courses.

  • Future plans
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Ms. Priti Bhole wants to work in an FMCG company in the position of a supply chain manager. Her goals are clear and she is doing everything she can to achieve and reach that position. For the same reason, she is going to spend her 2 years building herself and working towards that goal. 

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