There are countless examples of multi-faceted men and women. They want to pursue multiple interests. They have excelled in more than one field. These men and women develop interests in various fields and have a sense of focus that helps them to transport from layer to layer with effortless ease. They are visionaries! They see beyond the mundane and the obvious opportunity of employment, and have a more holistic view of the world, encompassing the environment, humanitarian causes, the arts, and so on.
It is, however, of course, not an overnight journey. One has to open up the mind to the endless possibilities. Explore the Universe. Read, read, and then read some more. Knowledge is an indispensable asset.

One has to link up with like-minded people to further explore the paths chosen and pursue those interests with focus. The journey also cannot and should not be solitary. Create a think-tank, and use it for brainstorming and ideation. Use technology to your advantage. Make separate groups and assign small tasks to members to keep them invested and to expand your horizons too. Learning comes from every direction.

To pursue multiple interests set definite goals. Break up the larger tasks into multiple small bits. It does not look so daunting then. Document the progress made and share that progress with everyone. It is a step towards accountability and motivation.

Create a system of assigning specific hours in a day to specific tasks. Take one step in each project on a daily basis.

Reward yourself and reward the group for tasks achieved. Promote leadership from within, and help everyone to ascend the hierarchy. The more leaders you build from within, the lesser will be your load and the more new tasks you can take on hand.

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Develop an Attitude of Gratitude! Be thankful for the opportunities presented and also grateful to all those who helped to achieve those goals.

Learn to deal with failure. Sometimes, in spite of a strong start, a project does stall. Failures are lessons in life. You may come back to some of the failed projects later in life. Life is a constant work in progress.

If you have dreamed of a project, also dream of its completion. Use the laws of the Universe to create a positive vibe around your activity, and visualize success. Do constant reviews, and make changes as necessary to your strategy.

Finally, I say, one should use the Law of Attraction to draw other positive thinkers towards you. The vibrations you create should have a ripple effect. And that is how you create a mini Universe of multiple layers and Interests and passions. And how you can pursue multiple interests.

Having separate memory layers for various tasks to keep your mind space organized is the key to pursuing different interests that you are passionate about with a strong purpose.


Written By – Dr Abheek Ghosh
Creative Director at GroWill Foundation

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