We have an expert in the field of management and commerce – Ms. Vaishali Parekh. She owns a business in the Saurashtra region and that is something rare to find it when she did it. A decade back she started giving advice regarding career. She plays a versatile role as an HR consultant, Moderator, Author, Writer, and much more. We guess the list may not end as she holds a lot of feathers in her cap. She understands management in the best way. We can say that she is one plethora of awards and she has achieved a lot in her life.


Fun facts

She has danced in a client’s office on the successful completion of her project and has accidentally swapped the proposals between two customers by mail. Ms. Vaishali requests students to always check the recipients’ name before sending the mail. She would love to hang out with ‘chota Bheem’ as her favorite sweet is ‘motichoor laddoo’. Her favorite meal is Khichdi as it cooks quickly. Her favorite books are

  • I am another you by Priya Kumar
  • Who will cry when I will die by Robin Sharma
  • 5 AM club by Robin Sharma

Who should choose commerce?

Vaishali says that the people who like to handle a team of people should go for management studies. People who have effective communication skills, interactive, selling ability, logical minds, such students should select a commerce career. She added that in India, the way we are heading forward; there is an 80% opportunity in management and commerce. According to her, any student can choose management or commerce as a career.

Which is the most trending course today if a student wants to take up? If a student is confused with his/her career then what course should they take up?

If a student chooses the commerce line after 10th and 12th then they have various options available like B. Com, BBA, MBA, B. Sc (IT), MBA in International Business, MBA with finance, and lots more. Other than these there are professional courses like CA, CS and ICWA courses. Irrespective of all these options available, students should be careful about the trends of courses that are recently added. There is a great demand for Social Media Marketing, digital marketing, and online marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence a commerce student should also undergo such courses that are trending and the need for an hour.  These fields are open to anyone, no matter in which field you have done your graduation. The prevailing situations have brought more than 50 opportunities where it is possible for any student to make their career.

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Do you recommend any online courses students can take up?

We are in an era where students must have attended any one kind of online course. Like, a B.Com student should do a communicative course, a social media marketing course, marketing products, or doing publicity of your talent on Instagram and such others. She advises students of B. Com, BBA, or B. Sc (IT) should learn business management and they should try to do courses that will help them develop extra skills. She adds that having good communication skills, presentation skills, data management ability then you can grab any opportunity.

What are the career opportunities available in the field of commerce and management?

If a student is having a degree in commerce and/or management then there are two ways to go for the career option.

  • For CA, CS, or ICWS, you have good opportunities in the corporate sector, in metro cities or MSME industries who are appointing CA/ CS to get better work efficiency.
  • For graduation with B. Com, BBA, B. Sc(IT), BCA, MBA; there are many opportunities available in the commercial market, MSME industries, business, corporate, and almost everywhere. Talking particularly about sector then we can say that opportunities are open in hospitality management, industry management, retail management. She adds that if you have a degree in commerce/management then opportunities are available in various sectors starting from a basic level or intermediate level.

Students feel that with commerce/management degrees, they are not able to find a job of value or which matches their status. She says that it is a myth. Having a BBA or B. Com degree with International marketing or International Business then you can get a position as a manager in MNC straight away. She says that one can start as Back Office Executive and reach a CEO position of any company.

How students can shape their skills for such interesting careers that are mentioned?

When you choose your career in commerce/management; you have to be very clear about your goal. She says that when mostly asked, commerce graduates about their job aspiration; they end up saying that job at any place would be fine to them. She suggests third-year students get clarity of their career in that year itself. There are many sectors open such as accountant, receptionist, and assistant, as an executive or in a back office assistant.  Choose a career that is of your interest rather than taking up what comes to you out of no choice. When you are trapped in such a scenario then you have to face a lot more challenges. Having a clarified vision will help you grow at a constant speed.

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The teaching field is another field that is seen as an opportunity if that interests you. There are many teaching institutes and schools in India.

Do you recommend students to take up some part-time work while they are studying?

Ms. Vaishali says that there are two types of students. Out of which one category of the students have a defined goal. Students who are clear about their career, having good communication skills, can interact with unknown people, are visionary, positive, and capable then you should take up part-time work from the last semester. She recommends taking up part-time work in the last semester only so that the students don’t ruin their necessary learning from the college. Even if you don’t get to earn then also you should do it. It is more of a learning experience and making connections and knowing about the working perspectives.

What can be a progressive part of this career?

She shares the benefit of this career path. If you are doing hard work smartly with complete involvement and focus then in 1-year you will have clarity of various things. Having a 3-year experience in any sector and working for 2 years can definitely help in achieving the target. She says that with so much experience, one can jump 2 next levels of the organizational hierarchy. Although, it all depends upon your involvement and approach towards your work.

What is more important: theoretical skills or practical skills?

Practical skills are very important because all the learning that you are gaining if you cannot execute it then it is of no use. She adds that even if you have 50% theoretical skills and if you are able to apply that in practice in a better way, then it is an advantage.

Which are the entrance exams for commerce and management fields that students will have to appear for?

As of now, there are two trends popular in India, one is MBA (CAT) and another one is the entrance exam to become CA/CS/ICWA.

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What kind of summer internship one can explore these days?

Summer internships for HR and research are very popular. Many students make a research on the company profile and study their brand value. They also work out the HR policies. She suggests the students should take permission to interact with the sales and marketing team of that company. The benefit is that you would connect with the in-house team and the customer base too.

Ms. Vaishali answered the questions from our audience to solve their queries and show them the correct path.

Que 1: I am in 12th and have taken science; can I still opt for Management courses?

Yes. It is possible to take up a Management course after 12th Science. You just need to be clear about your choice.

Que 2: How can we take up a summer internship even when we are graduates of commerce/ management? Will that help in career-shaping?

A summer internship is the best opportunity for the student where you can connect with many people and generate the best network. You can approach MNC and request them to give you a summer internship. If you ask for a job directly then they may not give that to you easily. However, internship experience gives a better impression too. You will know about the Dos and Don’ts of that particular job profile.
Ques 3: Can you give some suggestions about the college? Which are better, Indian or the colleges abroad?

If you want to explore your career and network in India, then choose Indian college. Although after 5 years if are thinking of working with any international company or settle abroad then choose colleges from other countries.

Her piece of advice for the students

  • Her favorite sentence and she follows it too, ‘Never give up’.
  • Whatever you have decided to achieve and whatever you do, just do it. Do not give up on your dreams.
  • There are a bunch of opportunities. Hence stay focused on your goal.

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