We cannot deny the impact of COVID-19 on society which in turn affects the students and the parent community too. The perspective of education has completely changed these days due to the prevailing pandemic circumstances. The entire education system in the world has moved to teach online. There is a dilemma for choosing the courses in the mind of students and parents. The year 2020 has brought a lot of informal decisions on final exams, entrance exams, and admissions. The fact is that even at this hour, we don’t know what will happen to these criteria in the near future. It is therefore important to have a counselor who can guide you and be a support to you in this crucial time.

Why student counseling is important?

  • Emotional conflicts: A constant delay in the admission process, entrance exam, and other formalities are heavily disturbing students. There is no certainty in the education process as to how it will move ahead. Though schools and colleges are doing their best to ensure a flawless process since this is a ‘new normal’; we will take time to adjust to it. Counseling will help peers settle down emotionally and bring down the turmoil raising high in their minds.
  • Psychological disturbance: The board pass students don’t know the next step ahead. Some entrance exams are canceled and some are delayed. The fear of the future is breaking them down psychologically. A counselor can help them calm down by communicating with them and give them affirmation that things will eventually turn out to be better.
  • Addiction: Teenagers and adults are prone to having an addiction for some of the other reasons. Friends or stress both can trigger this thought of moving in the direction of addiction. Sufficient communication with the counselor or just venting out the issue will calm them down and probably stop them from having an addiction.
  •   Fear of failure: The present generation lives in a different era where all they see is luxury and comfort. Unfortunately, they are scared of failing and they can’t handle failures well. They are adapting suicidal tendencies to avoid the situation. We have recently seen that in the movie ‘ chichore’ . Constant communication and sowing constant positivity will stop them from taking such steps and motivate them to work harder to achieve a goal.
  • Online classes: The ‘new normal’ has set up online learning for students so that the wicked COVID-19 cannot affect education. Students had to get accustomed to the new learning process that was either online or through a video tutorial. The new method brings in mind many questions and adjusting the situations. A counselor would help students to engulf the entire process and make it more approachable to them.
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Why parents’ need counseling?

As much as students are struggling mentally, so are the parents. It is a tough time for parents too as they are even more concerned about their children’s future. They feel that the delay in the process is hampering the dream and set goals. Therefore not only students but parents too need counseling in this critical time.

  • Keeping calm: Why not understand that as a parent we need to keep calm more than our child. Children are already disturbed due to present circumstances therefore as a parent you need to become their support system. If you want you can too undergo counseling and seek positivity so that you can transfer that to your child and keep them happier.
  • Understand the trend: Many times parents want their child to pick up conventional and assured courses like engineering, medical, accountant, and similar ones. If you approach a counselor to put down your query then you will understand that the prevailing era is much more than this. It is all about learning and doing that interests your child so that he/she can be the best in it.
  • Relationship with child: Do you complain that your child does not communicate with you more? Is there a communication gap? A healthy relationship between a parent and a child is the foundation of their relationship. Talk to a counselor as to how you can bond over your child strongly. This generation needs it a lot as they are vulnerable to several external factors.
  • Let them decide: Do not be so overprotective to your child. Maybe he/she is a child to you but they are growing and you allow them to take decisions. Support their decision if they are wise and if they are not, instead of yelling on them; show them the situation. Show them the pros and cons of their decision. Now, this attitude will not be the usual one for many parents. Have help from a counselor to make this as an approach towards your child. The wonders are all waiting to happen then.
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Counseling at the early stages has proved result oriented. Regular communication will let your wings open up and direct you towards a direction that is beneficial. CollegeBol provides peer to peer counseling and it is one of its kind. You have a question and we have an answer to it. If there’s something that you want to say; we are here to listen. Do contact us.


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