Exams are over, convocations are done virtually, and graduates are doing a job hunt most probably. This year 2020 has revealed a lot many things and it is still not trying to calm down. The graduates who are still looking for a job are confused and are trying to get some employment opportunities. Well, we believe that there’s nothing to worry about because most of the sectors are working as normal. Industries like hospitality, leisure, gaming, and travel are yet not able to start as usual. Losing hope is not the way and there are actually other ways out one can look for the job. Remember that patience is the key to achieve anything. Besides that here are some ways you can look for a job.

  • Skill enhancement: your academic knowledge is not only the thing you will need while working. You also need some additional skills to show your employee about your capabilities. Here we don’t mean to say that they are necessary but they will surely make you an attractive candidate. What you can learn additionally to stand out in the crowd?
  • Learning new software or hardware skills
  • Knowing digital marketing strategies
  • Unconventional short courses like photography, copywriting, graphic designing, etc.
  • Take online short courses, read more books, attend webinars, or professional seminars.

These are some of the ways one can add more feathers to their cap and get attention from job givers.

  • Build a network: building a network physically is a little difficult in these days where social distancing is very important. You can connect with someone who is already in the field of your interest. They can be someone from your seniors/ friends/relatives/ family friend who can help you. You can take the help of career service centers from your university or the one in your town to know about the prevailing opportunities.  How can this benefit you?
  • Your mentor may be aware of the opportunities in their surrounding.
  • They can guide you with your resume and help you in making it reachable to the managers.
  • They can help you in knowing the flaws which you can cover-up.
  • You will get advice in general regarding common challenges that come up as a fresher.
  • Positive approach: a positive attitude is always helpful and it will reciprocate in your speech and body language. Sometimes it is not only about getting creamy perks but about gaining experience. Even if you get less or at times you are not paid; you should open the doors to knocking opportunity. What happens when you prioritize experience over salary?
  • You are at least starting with something rather than nothing.
  • Building a better network as you connect with more people.
  • You are allocating yourself a good routine.
  • Your resume looks much better than before
  • There are chances of having positive growth.
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Job hunting is challenging but not impossible and with experience, you will understand its statistics in the coming years.  You will have mixed emotions as you move to professional life from student life. After all your first job is an experience for life and will give you many benefits in the future.

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