Urvashi Chawla is a certified behavioral trainer and facilitator running workshops and seminars that align people with strategies to advance their careers. She prepares the students for interviews, resume development, and conducts campus to corporate workshops.  She is also a Cambridge certified business English faculty and conducts courses for the same.

  • How to overcome nervousness before interviews?

Ms. Urvashi strongly recommends working on your confidence. When one is confident in the interview they will ace it no matter what. This confidence comes from surety which is when one is prepared and sure about what one is going to speak. Along with that right before the interview, you must stay away from negative thoughts. The best way to do that is to occupy yourself in anything.

  • Tips for general interviews

To ace, any interview, know about the company or university that you are applying to. Additionally, you must have full knowledge of that field. In fact, introspect yourself and establish the link between you and the company, and why this company is right for you. Also, be absolutely sure about yourself and your skills. You should be able to answer the most important question of ‘why they should hire you.’ To know the best answer for this question, checkout Expert Session with Ms. Urvashi Chawla

  • Tips to ace B-school interviews

Focus greatly on why do you want to go to this university and why do you want to pursue an MBA. In light of COVID-19, the questions may also revolve around productivity during the lockdown. Along with that as graduates will not be able to go to foreign countries, the interviews will be tougher. There will be more candidates and competition.

  • Frequent mistakes by students during the interview
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The most common mistake done by students is answering without thinking as they are under pressure. When asked a question, first think about the answer and listen very carefully as to what is the question of the interviewer. Another common question is ‘ tell us something about yourself’. The answer is not any different from what is on your resume. One must state the facts but express them better. Express the story behind it and give reasons for the same. This will allow the interviewer to ask more questions and get insights about you. In fact, the structure of the answers is very important. Especially in case of behavioral questions like the biggest challenge that you’ve faced so far. To answer this question the STAR (situation task action result) process is very useful.

  • Resume tips

Customize your resume on the basis of the job that you are applying for. Details depend on where you are applying. The relevant information to the job should be put up first and highlighted. The lesser relevant information should not be elaborated. Preferably the resume should be one-pager, if you have additional then the lesser relevant info can go there.

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