Do you feel the anxiety or surrounded by the disparity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Most of us have passed through this feeling when there was a total lockdown in India. It is not very uncommon to go through such stress when you all everyone talking about the scary pandemic effects. Listening to negativity is not easy and it is difficult to stay calm in such a situation. Financial worries, uncertain futures, and the onslaught of bad news make anyone go crazy. The worst feeling is of losing your dear one to this pandemic and it completely takes your peace away and giving you depressive thoughts.

Human beings are a social animal and it is difficult to stay isolated and confined to four walls. It challenges your ability to thing good and drains your energy leaving you dull and gloomy. Alternatively, one must try to fill in positive thoughts and find ways to move on with this situation. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but sip by sip you can drink it all. Let’s see how you can overcome depressive thoughts.

  • Distract yourself: Do not focus on the problem rather than distract yourself towards finding a solution. Everyone is facing the problem just like you. Therefore it is better to find an alternative and engage yourself in doing something productive. This will break a chain of negative thoughts and you will find yourself surrounded by a positive atmosphere.
  • Involve in learning: This pandemic proved that everyone needs to keep on learning because nothing is steady. We had never thought that such a period of 3 months would come in our lives where everything would come to halt. Develop your interest in learning something new or perhaps take up something that was your passion in the past. Do something that makes you happy and lively.
  • Find your reason for happiness: There are many things that keep us motivated and in a happy state. Peep into such a smaller reason that will keep you going. Exercise and nature walk is a great way to stay fit and happy both. Alternatively, you can listen to uplifting music, write, draw, watch series/movies, and anything other that interests you.
  • Stick to your routine: It may sound silly but it is important. You should wake up, eat, and go to sleep at the same time as before. Don’t disturb your body cycle because inadequate sleep and bad patter will make you feel dull.
  • Talk: Communication is one of the best ways to overcome depression and anxiety. Call up, chat, or make a video call to your friends and family members. Connect with them and tell them what you feel. When you make a better connection then you will feel closer and relieved.
  • Limit news consumption: These days news in any form is only communicating about the COVID-19 pandemic and other negative things. You really need to get out of this frame to stay positive. Checking on the news is not bad but constantly getting the update will fuel your negativity.
  • Counseling: At time when you feel you don’t want to talk to anyone from your circle; a counselor can help. Take up counseling sessions and speak out or rather vent out to them to get emotional support. Everyone has a story and speaking it out is the best way to heal you.
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Staying hopeful and positive will sort out many things in your day to day life. Let’s try to build a positive aura where you can stay positive and pass on the positivity to others. Keeping anxious and panicking is not the solution; therefore you must seek help when you feel low during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our counselors are available to help you or to hear you about what you feel. CollegeBol is a platform that believes in supporting and uplifting others for which we have a counseling facility. Let’s build a strong nation together.

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