What are the benefits of subscribing newsletter with us?

We primarily focus on providing content that is not only useful but presentable and interesting enough to read.

The newsletters we send to you via mail weekly, every Saturday act as the most efficient modes of communication. It keeps you rounded up with all the necessary information that you need even when you’re on the go. At CollegeBol, we make it our top priority to deliver content that never compromises on quality. We believe in inviting suggestions and feedback related to our newsletters. Doing so proves to be very helpful in strengthening our relationship with our subscribers.


  • Through providing you a newsletter, we help you stay up-to-date with the most important and latest news in the education sector, all from one single place.
  • This can help you save time especially if you’re too busy to scroll through a webpage regularly.
  • The newsletter highlights all the latest and most relevant articles from our website in brief. This will give you an idea regarding the content of our website.
  • We dedicate a section of our Newsletter to individuals who commit selfless acts of contribution to society. These individuals go unnoticed and deserve admiration and appreciation at some level at least.
  • We invite inquiries and questions from our subscribers and we respond to them within one week to ensure that our subscribers aren’t left pondering over any grey areas.
  • Our newsletters are not created just for the sake of doing so. we research deeply to find out the most significant industry-related information that resonates at the highest level with our audience.
  • We provide information most crisply and cleanly to make it easier for the audience to have hassle-free access to all the information.
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At CollegeBol, we strive for consistency with everything that we do and we keep track of what our audience expects. That does not stop us from adding variety and trying out new things to keep it all interesting for our subscribers. We also understand that people are busy, so what they need is easy and quick access to information which is exactly what we provide.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it becomes even more important to stay in touch with all the relevant news. Each edition tries to narrow down the gap between you and the news related to education and more.


Convinced yet?

Stay connected to all the latest news in the field of education by subscribing to our newsletter. We do not share any information related to you with any third party organizations. If you change your mind, you can always unsubscribe as there’s nothing that you lose.

The subscribing newsletter has built a better connection. CollegeBol brings to you much more than this. Visit our website to find all that you were looking for.



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