Do you know if you need a counselor or not? If you are with a counselor then is that person the right counselor for you? Counselors can help you in solving your confusion and guiding you in the right direction. They are trained and experienced to give you appropriate advice that is helpful to you. However, you may not get comfortable and cozy with all of them. Sometimes it is about getting the correct match and having the frequency of thoughts matched. The Collegebol team provides counseling sessions according to your requirement and relevant match. Each one had different needs therefore each one needs a different counselor. We have some points listed to tell you about how to find the right counselor.

  • Find your match: Does it sound like finding one on a matrimonial website? Well, yeah it is just a similar one. It is important to look for a match that can cater to your need for the information. Collegebol fulfills that need to getting the right counselor for you to answer all your queries and clear all your confusion. Our counseling platform gives you the right counselor to ensure that you get the right guidance. We ensure that we give you advice from the horse’s mouth and from the experienced soul.
  • The right approach: When you are looking for a counselor, isn’t it important that you should have a counselor who will give you positive vibes. Your counselor should lift you up with positive thoughts and words so that you can build confidence in yourself. It is the counselor who can take you out of the negativity and boost some energy in you. We have such an energetic and vibrant counselor who will address your queries with the light of positivity.
  • Non-judgmental: A counselee is approaching a counselor for help and guidance and a counselor should get judgmental for his/her actions and decision. Hence choose a counselor who can help you in solving your problems rather than building an opinion about you. You are not looking for judgments but desiring for a solution. Therefore, look for a counselor who is like a guiding star in the dark rather than the black hole in which you may get lost.
  • Listener: So far you were the active listener as everyone (friends, family, relatives, and neighbors) have been speaking/ advising you on what you should do. It is the time now that someone listens to you and shows you the direction. Collegebol counselor is here to hear you actively and with patience with all the due respect.
  • Privacy: The main thing is about developing trust and keeping that alive. The counselor should keep all your chat and problems within them and not discuss it with anyone else. Confidentiality is the topmost priority and the Collegebol platform counselor adheres to it very well.
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It is hard to find a perfect counselor but it is not impossible. Visit our website and register with us to avail of a counseling session at a pocket-friendly price. Our aim at Collegebol is to guide students in the best way and bring out their individuality.

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