A peer counselor is a person who can help you reach your goal by providing you with information and support. However, you must let your counselor know about your areas of interest, achievements, career goals, and educational background.  You should make your counselor aware of your past achievements and future goal so that they can guide you much better. Peer counselor has patience and deep understanding of your situations and so they can help you in a better way. CollegeBol platform hosts counseling sessions to give insights and information directly from the horse’s mouth. Don’t you think that such reviews and explanations will make a big difference in your approach and attitude? Well, we have a list of important questions that you can ask your peer counselor.


  • What schedule should I follow to get better output?

As a student, you always have a deadline to follow. To accomplish those deadlines you should follow a schedule that is well-made and favors your target. They can help you in preparing a nice time-table which ensures that there is enough time allocation to studies and recreation both. Simultaneously they can help you in knowing the best courses and the institutes that you should focus on to move their then.

  • Which course should I study?

There are numerous options available these days and therefore choosing one seems difficult. With multiple interests, it may become very challenging to choose one. In such a situation it is your peer counselor who can help you in making a decision. They can tell you about the growth and scope of learning each course and that information will help you in deciding which course to choose.

  • Are there any scholarships available to enroll in a particular course or an institute/college?
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This is the question you must ask in the beginning and well in advance so that you have enough time to prepare for it. Your peer counselor may be aware of any scholarships is available in your areas of interest. They can also guide you in applying for a scholarship and working effectively to avail it.

  • Name a few colleges that are good for me.

Your peer counselor has been a student in the past and therefore he/she may be able to answer this question with confidence. However, you should put forward your interest and your background details in front of them to suggest to you better. With the knowledge of your preferences and qualification, they can give you tailor-made advice.

  • Can I get a student loan?

Higher education and reputed colleges demand higher fees that are difficult to cope up with. Your peer counselor may have walked on this thorny path and therefore they can guide you properly. They can tell you regarding the student loan process and make education available to you easily.


  • Should I do post-graduation?

This is a very common question and the counselor would usually ask to self-analyze it. Your peer counselor will put forward the pros and cons descriptively and help you in making a decision. you should always have the important questions ready with you to know more.

  • Should I study further or take up a job?

Higher education will come with more benefits and add feathers to your cap. Your peer counselor will ask a few questions to you to analyze your situation and guide you accordingly. You must put in front of them all the situations and confusion that you are having.

  • How should I prepare for an entrance exam?
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This is a very common question again and it will mostly depend upon the will of a student to prepare for it. Your peer counselor may have sailed through this so they will know how to get ready for the entrance exam. They can provide you with a nice format of do’s and don’t to enlighten you with the ways in which you can prepare for the entrance exams

There are many unconventional and conventional short courses that bring ample opportunities. Make your peer counselor aware of your future plans or if you are confused then tell them what you are aiming at in the long run. This interaction will help them understand you and tell you whether you should take up any short courses or not.

Even if you are a graduate and aspiring to do PG; you should have your resume ready. Your resume will say a lot about your personality. Ask your counselor to go through it and let you know if there’s anything missing in it. If they feel so then they can help you in the process of getting a scholarship or job. Alternatively, if it is not ready then they can help you in making your resume more competitive.

The bottom line of this content is that this is only a starting point and your peer counselor can do a lot more for you. He/she is a great source of information and just in case they don’t have an answer at that time; they can tell you precisely where to find. Have all your important questions in the bucket ready. What are you waiting for? Take up our counseling session and ask what you want to.

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