Learning a new language is a big challenge.  If you are to learn a new language quickly, here are 5 hacks that will help you learn the language better and faster.  

  1. Converse – The most important tip is to keep conversing in the language you are trying to learn. The more you converse, the quicker you will learn the language. Initially, you might make a lot of mistakes but learn from them and don’t stop speaking in that language.  
  1.  Increase exposure to the language – Hearing, speaking, and reading the language that you’re trying to learn is the key. To understand the language better listen, speak, and read the language. Watch tv shows, movies, read books, listen to songs, native speakers, and speak with native people. This will greatly increase your command over the language. To learn a new language quickly this tip has been the most effective. 
  1.  Spaced repetition – Instead of spending 1 day a week for languages, make it a habit to spend an hour daily. The spaced repetition will help you learn more effectively. It is proven that rather than rote learning in a single go, learning with intervals gives better results. The more you practice the better you will be able to master the language. Never shy away from practicing.
  1.  Create learning activities – While creating such activities, first, analyze your progress. Write down which areas do you need to work on. Along with that analyze your mistakes and create activities that will lead to solving them. For example, if you think you know how to read the language but face difficulty while writing and speaking it, take any book and read it aloud and write it simultaneously.
  1.  Focus on one language – While learning a new language you must focus on one language at a time. When switching between languages it can be very difficult to learn one. Especially with similar languages like French and Spanish. The words and pronunciations can easily be mixed which will be a major drawback. Doing this will lead to difficulty in learning either. Focus on one, be fluent, and then pick up another if you need to.

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Learning anything new is a challenge, especially a new language. Today’s day and age require fluency in various languages to have a global influence. Master & learn a new language quickly using these tips and hacks today. 

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