The benefits of Peer to peer counseling are tremendous in number. It is a relatively less popular system. Indian schools and colleges do not usually have this system. In fact, there is very little awareness about the same. Peer to peer counseling can help students especially in terms of:

  1. Conflict resolution – as students we face a lot of problems. At the same time, we might not feel comfortable to seek help from the elders. They might not have the answers that could help us. All conflicts right from academic stress, to relationships, or even career advice. The conflict resolution by peers is the most effective benefit of peer to peer counseling.
  2. Experience – Peer counselors have usually faced the same problems in the past. They can effectively solve all the problems using their experience. Experience is the best teacher. Thus, students can learn from their peers’ experiences and gain help to solve theirs.
  3. Increased support – students often need support to get through various phases during their school and college life. Sharing it with someone who has been there can result in a good support system and help the students. Seeing the current school pressure, indeed the students need a great support system.
  4. Updated solutions – As the peer counselors are students who have been at the same place, they are able to give updated solutions. The solutions that will work in the current day and age. Parents might not have that experience to understand such problems or give relevant solutions for the same. Peer to peer counseling removes that gap and results in effective handling and solutions.
  5. Safe space – the trained peer counselors make sure that it is a safe space for students to share anything they wish to. There is no judgment. The space is very safe so that students can resolve any conflict that they are going through. This safe space helps students to open up. As well as, it takes care of their mental health and reduces their stress as well.
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To know more about peer to peer counseling check out this post. Peer to peer counseling serves as a support system for the students. In fact, they can efficiently solve all the problems that they are facing. The parents may not be able to give relevant solutions which can be given by peers.

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