There are things that you learn in school or at university but there are many things that you learn from experience. As it is rightly quoted that, ‘Experience is the best teacher’. In a student’s life, you will always find guidance and a helping hand if you fumble down. In the field, everyone expects you to be ready with all that you have learned in the past and apply it correctly. Therefore you are in a benefit if you have done an internship in the past. It will help you to adapt to the working atmosphere and with experience, you will be able to give better to your employers.  Summer vacation or Diwali break is the right time to utilize and go for some internship programs. We have got some tips for you that will help you in looking for some internship programs.

  • Visiting career counseling centers: When you know that you will have a vacation coming up soon; you can make a visit to career counseling centers or take guidance from online career counseling sites. It is a good idea to approach a career counseling center and avail information regarding internship opportunities that may be suitable for you.
  • Networking: Your teachers, professors, relatives, friends, or other relatives can help you to look for an internship. Let them know about your interest in doing an internship and maybe at least one of them will help you find the way.
  • Communicating with the company directly: These days you have various platforms through which you can get in touch with the employer directly. Social media sites, online job portals, and search engines are able to help you know employers directly. If you are able to find them then you must communicate with them.  Let them know that you are looking for an internship program.
  • Jobseeker portal: Many countries help students or fresher’s find a job so that they can start with something. Many companies put their requirement on such portals. If you try to look through it then you may find one for you. Have an outstanding resume ready with you so that you can submit immediately.
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We advise that you should not look at the pay scale and perks while you are in an internship program. It is about gaining experience rather than money. The advantage is that when you finish your studies and land up in a field then you will have work experience. When you do an internship; you have the privilege of showing that you have experience. It is all that matters.

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