There is a constant delay in the exam and admission procedure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The unlock phase too is difficult for people because everything is yet not normal. Everyone scares the viral attack as it is highly contagious and aggressive. The exam authority kept on rescheduling the exam dates assuming that things will get normal soon. It seems as of now that most of the entrance examination dates are postponed because they don’t want to take chance with the life of the students. The students are waiting since the month of April to appear for the examination but the present pandemic has not allowed it yet. Though the dates keep on changing but the students should not let frustration reach them. They should keep calm and leave as a decision given by nature. How should students cope up with the situation in the best way?

  • Repeat the syllabus: Well, this is the best thing that you can do at this moment. We never knew that we would face such a situation during this time of the year. Students were ready for the exam but it kept on delaying. It is possible that there may be some topics that you have not prepared. This is the time that you can make good use to prepare the topics that you did not do earlier. Hence without thinking about anything else, you can prepare for the topics that were left out.
  • Leave the stress: Stress is very bad for everyone and especially for students at this time. Remember that keeping stress will not alter the situation therefore it is better to focus on the goal. Mental and emotional stress can drag you down and then it will result in poor performance at the time of the exam. The best thing to do right now is to forget the stress and do what is best for the coming days.
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  • Prioritize health: Look after your immune system well because if you fall ill then you will lose this important time of preparation. Eat well, eat healthily, and follow the guidelines given by the Government to keep you safe. Unnecessary stress and frustration will lead you to nowhere therefore look after your health and keep going on with your exam preparation.
  • Stay positive: It is best to keep positivity around you because it will keep you going. We cannot deny the current situation and the consequences too. Hence it is better to be positive and go with the flow. You must focus on the exam preparation as a student so that you can hit your goal. Hence keep the positivity live in you.

We understand that there is a delay in the admission procedures but no one can assure when it will resume back. But we should not forget that health is more than anything else may it be physical or mental. We should just stay focused on our target. Let’s just strive to achieve it as this is just an extra time that you have got for preparation.

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