The education sector has been one to switch to the online system very quickly. They are working relentlessly to keep the learning process on. However with change comes a lot of challenges. There are various problems faced by students in online learning. 


  1. Self-motivation – The pandemic has been a challenge for all. It’s very difficult to have to continue with studies as usual for students. It has been a huge obstruction. At times like these students have no choice but to self-motivate themselves. They have to keep the bigger picture in mind and work on themselves right now for a better brighter future.
  2. Increased screen time – Another problems faced by students in online learning is that students have to spend endless hours in front of their screen. Their screen time has increased by 10 times. This has led to a strain on their eyes and overall health. The students can take quick eye breaks, check the device settings to reduce glare, and at the end of each day put a warm cloth over their eyes to relax them.
  3. Technology support – The students need a device and a net connection for online learning. They can arrange for these. Always keep a tab on the net connectivity. In case of problems, talk to the institution, they will help their students for sure.
  4. Computer literacy – Many parents and students are not literate with the aspect of devices. They are not comfortable to use the online learning tools. In this case, every university must train the students first. Tutorials or computer literacy classes should be arranged. This will help avoid any lagging in the learning process.
  5. Disturbances – studying in the class is very different than at home. At home we face a lot of disturbances. There are family members calling for some work, or a pet around in the house, simultaneous household work happening, etc. Always choose a place where there is no one to disturb you. A place in the house where you can concentrate and focus completely.
  6. Connectivity gap – The professors and resources are not present live in front of the students. This leads to a gap. The professors should make the students comfortable with this. They should establish a clear system of contact whenever necessary. The professors should be easily approachable in case of any difficulties or doubts faced by students. This keeps them connected and learning can happen successfully.
  7. Lack of interaction – Online learning brings a lack of interaction between professors and students. Professors can’t use various ways of teaching, hence the students lose their motivation to study. In this case, the students can make it interesting by volunteering discussions and debates to learn something new. New content can be viewed and leaning by various tools are to be used. They can also use audio-visual aids.

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Every obstacle has a solution. Problems faced by students in online learning have a solution. It’s time to act and implement such solutions against the obstacles faced while learning. Let us together defeat the pandemic and keep learning and growing.

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