Looking for an opportunity to utilize your time productively?

If you have free time at your hand, then why not use it productively rather than wasting it. Do something to add value to your skills and life. Here’s a list of 7 short courses that you can do.

  1. Sustainable business development – Sustainable development is one of the biggest challenges that businesses and humanity are facing today. However, businesses have to earn while tackling these challenges. This short course will allow you to learn the impact of businesses on the environment and how businesses can change towards more sustainable models. This course is the need of the hour.  
  2. Ethics course – Tt is very important to do any business ethically. By taking such courses individuals understand the importance of ethics. They learn how to frame ethical organizations and learn to identify unethical practices followed globally.
  3. Learning ‘how to learn’ – This short course will give you access to various learning techniques used in various fields of study. This course will change the way you think, and shape your life. This course will serve to gain different skills and be better at anything that you are doing. The course encapsulates tips and techniques to learn better.
  4. Art of baking –   For all the baking lovers, you can take short term certified courses and become professional bakers. These courses provide various recipes, techniques, and guidance for the best results. These courses vary from beginner to advanced levels. Along with baking various other cooking courses can be undertaken to improve your skills.


  1. Graphic designing – This course is very popular among students. This course covers various software like Photoshop, illustrator, and coral draw depending on the course chosen. The course level differs from beginners to intermediate. To pursue the course you only need a laptop and your creativity.
  2. Digital Marketing – This short course includes various subjects like search engine optimization, market research, word press, social media marketing, among others. This course is the need of the hour. This course will help you apply marketing strategies across various online platforms.
  3. Business Analytics – The course is about analyzing associated data to make informed business decisions. This course will help you gain data literacy and help your organization make strategic decisions with the data analyzed. The course requires no prior knowledge. Besides that, the courses also have case studies that help you gain exposure. The course is designed for transforming data to make better business decisions.

These short courses can greatly enhance your knowledge and CV. They are available on various online platforms and can be easily accessed. Some of these short courses are available from prestigious universities where you can learn from the best. Use your time productively and never stop learning!

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