The pandemic has led to the universities to shift from traditional teaching methods to online teaching methods. The traditional teaching method involves sitting in a classroom and learning from the teacher. Now the online platforms allow learning virtually through various platforms. The content remains the same but the methods have completely changed. This shift has brought in many difficulties as well.

  1. Adaptability – the shift from the face –to- face learning to virtual learning makes the experience completely different for the students. The shift or change is difficult for all humans. The teachers and students face resistance to change to an online system and find it difficult and uncomfortable. Above all, the shift from a traditional mindset needs adaptability. Therefore, to ease them, these shift discussions on benefits and the process of e-learning are carried out 
  2. Technological difficulties – The major requirement to shift from traditional teaching methods to online teaching methods is a device and a good internet connection. However, this is a necessity but also a huge obstacle. Not all students have the privilege to have it in our country. This is a major issue faced by colleges. In addition, some students are not technologically sound. The college should send tutorials and helpline numbers to clear their doubts. 
  3. Less effective – Online learning misses a big factor that traditional systems have which is the human presence. For instance, when a tutor or professor is in front of you explaining everything, the impact can be much higher than sitting and learning in front of the screen. Instead of one-way teaching, keeping the online sessions highly interactive can increase the effectiveness of online teaching.

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     4. Quality reduces – when the professors have live access to the students the quality of the lecture increases. The teachers can use various methods to teach the class like live experiments and activities. The barrier reduces the quality of the class. The teachers can use a visual aid, group projects, application-based learning techniques to enhance the quality of the classes.

    5. Time and practice – Lastly, for online teaching and evaluation professors also need time to learn new methods to be used. They need to explore all methods and choose the most appropriate one or best results. The university must be quick and explore all options available for online teaching and choose the most effective one for themselves. 


Where there’s a will there is a way! Many universities have taken this as a challenge and an opportunity. The shift from traditional teaching methods to online teaching methods presents challenges. Thus, the combined efforts of the entire education community are the only solution to solve these challenges.  It’s time to unite against this pandemic and successfully keep learning. 

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