Have you heard about IB (International Baccalaureate)? Is it worth taking admission to schools that have an IB curriculum? Most of the international schools have either IB or Cambridge curriculum to offer. It is difficult to decide right from the beginning whether to choose IB or any other curriculum available. There are only a few set of parents who already have decided that their child/children will have an education abroad after 12th. Therefore it is a tough decision to make but to make your part easy as a parent; we can help you know some of the common pros and cons of studying IB in India.


  • Recognition globally: Most of the reputed and leading universities in the world recognize IB. Hence you acquire global recognition when you study IB. There are many schools across the world that offers IB. It does not matter where you give your IB exam because the admission officer across the globe will understand your result.
  • Preparing like a graduate: The curriculum is designed in such a way that it prepares you for university studies. You have to write a report, essays, research reports, and much more. Moreover, the pattern of the syllabus includes learning skills and putting them in practice. You are supposed to write assignments within the time frame hence you learn about time management. The syllabus is quite lengthy therefore when you go to the university; when others are struggling to do all, you already are a pro in that group.
  • The breadth of study: You may not know but IB offers a vast range of subjects to study. You are free to choose the subject of your choice from a given group option. The freedom to choose a subject provides you better opportunity to score well. The students have an option where they can choose high grade and low-grade level subjects. With the facility available, you can dedicate more time to the subjects whose score will matter more to you for further growth.
  • Growth and development: IB offers a quite innovative and applicative approach toward studies. It is not only about books or adopting a rote method to get marks. The curriculum teaches you to be creative. It also teachers how to become a better human being and what you can do to give something better to this world. Life skills and personal development is an important part of the IB curriculum.
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  • Length: Well, the IB curriculum is really lengthy therefore you will have to give double the efforts to complete the syllabus before the exam. We would say that you will have to give a run for it rather than walk on the path.
  • Workload: IB is not only about books but it is beyond that. Along with your routine studies, you will have to find time for doing projects, assignments, essays, and many other things. If you are able to manage time and work smarter than harder, then this curriculum is for you.
  • A bit rigid: IB offers many subjects but does your school support them all? Ask that question before you take admission in IB to the schools. Sometimes due to the lack of experts and faculties; you will not be able to take up subjects of your choice.

IB is not for everyone and you must know that. Therefore it is important to define your goal as a student. Other curriculum holds equal importance but obviously for those who wish to take IB; you need to know your limitation and intentions first. Check-in to the website for more such interesting articles and updates.


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