Do you as a student believe in multi-tasking? Do you think that multi-tasking is really possible? Multi-tasking includes many things. It mainly includes three things. If you do two or more tasks at a time then it is multi-tasking. If you keep on switching between the tasks then to it is multi-tasking. And if you do many tasks one by one quickly then also you are multi-tasking. Why don’t you try it out right now? Try to memorize a paragraph of about 10 lines and watch TV simultaneously. Can you do it?  Some may agree to this and say that they can do it. But how long does to take for the task to complete? Is that important to you? If the answer is YES then we can say that multitasking is not possible.

Some common examples of multi-tasking are as under

  1. Just as we have mentioned above, if you watch TV and study along with it then you cannot focus on your studies. It is not possible to concentrate on studies as the TV will cause a distraction to your mind. Even when I am writing this article; I need a peaceful ambiance to write it effectively.
  2. Say you are reading a book or a novel. You do it for a while and then you switch to check messages on your phone. You have now checked your phone and again start reading the book. In such cases, you are not giving your complete attention to one task.
  3. Trying too many things at the same time will not generate a fruitful result. Say you are writing notes, checking out another subject’s assignment and also you want to make a sandwich for you. Do you think that you are justifying all the three tasks even if you do them one by one?
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Hence we say that multi-tasking is nothing but a myth. It is just not possible to concentrate on more than one task at a time.

Disadvantages of multi-tasking for students

  • It will lead to reduced productivity because you are not concentrating enough on it.
  • Distraction will cause difficult to concentrate back on the previous task.
  • For someone who is already, attention-deficit will have a hard time to focus on the task.
  • The brain gets confused and disturbed. It will let you make more mistakes than it will lose alertness.
  • Your overall performance will drop gradually.

Can multitasking be of any advantage?

It is observed that when the tasks are switched keeping in mind the goal and time management then it turns out fruitful. For example, if a student who is studying for long hours, takes a break to listen to music for a while. He/ she do that only to take a small break in between. In such a scenario the switching of tasks will become effective and advantageous.

Conclusion: Multi-tasking is no way working but it is carried out with goal setting and in time frame then it can give help in re-focusing and increased productivity.

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