Many of our plans are ruined or delayed due to the prevailing pandemic. We are not sure when everything will fall into place. Talking here particularly about students then it is a tough year for them because this not what was thought at all. There are several categories of students that are waiting for some outcomes as this year was a deciding year for them. Unfortunately, things are not turning favorable as of now and so all we have to do is wait until everything is safe.

Students who gave exams are now waiting for results to decide what to do next. The board students are learning online instead of in class or in practical labs. Students who were to fly abroad by this time are waiting for the clearance from their respective universities. Many students were forced by the consequences of moving to their home town as PGs were no longer safe. It is a difficult time for everyone to cope up with the expense and situation both.

Amidst all these happenings, we should not forget that this is the phase and this too shall pass. There is a delay or cancellation on a few processes and the time is flying out. But that is not the end of our opportunities. Why not keep yourself positive and go with the flow as of now. With a positive attitude all the things shall fall in place when it is the right time. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself surrounded by positivity.

  • Change your perception: There are many ways you can see a situation. When the time is tough; you can always change your perception and shift towards positivity. It will let you understand that whatever happens, it happens for the best reason which you don’t know right now.
  • Acceptance: Whatever is happening around you is the demand of the time. It is difficult to challenge time and move ahead. Hence wisdom lies in accepting the fact and prepare yourself for a better tomorrow.
  • It’s not just YOU: Remember that you are not the only one who is feeling failed and helpless. There are many others like you and they also have dreams to follow and fulfill them. There is always next time and next time is always better than not doing it at all.
  • Throw out your frustration: A frustrated mind cannot think of anything creative or positive. Hence it very much important to throw out all the frustration that you carry in your mind either for yourself or for the situation. Do something that heals your mind. Take the support of a friend or a family, maybe ask a counselor or vent it out in front of a mirror.
  • Keep away from criticism: A Positive criticism is learning but a negative criticism keeps you low. Do not let situations or critics deter you from your dream or ambition. Remember that most of the dreams have come true after a lot of hard work and hurdles.
  • Positive attitude: Read positive slogans, quotes, and inspiring stories. It will give you the power to be positive in the prevailing situation. ‘I will do it’ is a very common sentence yet very powerful that helps everyone stay confident and positive.
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Everything that comes will have to go and this will go away too. All you need is to trust yourself, think wisely, and act calmly. For support or advice, you may reach us from our website.

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