There are rising concerns of parents and students all around the world with regard to the hostel and college fees of universities. This lock down has affected every single household financially. The economy moving towards recession. It is very difficult for some parents to pay the fees charged by the colleges.

The parents and students are asking the colleges to not charge the full fees. They are of the opinion that if the students aren’t using any facilities and services, why should they pay the full fees? The electricity, internet, and other facilities are not in use. At the same time there is no transport happening which saves cost of fuel as well. Hence, the child’s fees should reflect such cost reductions. In addition, the online classes require a device and a good internet connection, for which the parents are paying out of their pockets.

On the other hand the colleges are reverting that there is still an expense on maintenance. Certain colleges and hostels are using rented properties. The cost of rent is paid irrespective of its usage. The salary of the teachers is paid in full. The teachers are taking online classes and putting in efforts for the students. The staff is also jobless. They might face financial difficulties if not compensated. 

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The students and parents have requested colleges for fees reduction. They have sent many emails to the authorities. The college authorities are in most cases delaying the deadlines for payments but charging the full fees from the parents. The colleges are giving students an option to pay via installments but in full. There is no government word or framework for the same. No official news have come from the government regarding this issue.

According to me the colleges should charge the fees but reduce it. Reduction in the hostel and college fees is valid.  IT should cover maintenance costs and salaries. At such times colleges should support students and their families and not think about their own profits. The hard work of teachers has to be compensated. It is not an easy task to shift to an online teaching process within weeks. They are doing their jobs so that the students don’t suffer. To conclude, universities should charge a reduced fee from the students which is only fair and valid for both parties.

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