Are studying certain subjects a nightmare for you? Have you invented any easy tips for your learning?

Studying certain subjects can be really dreadful for some students. They face trouble grasping concepts and remembering whatever they studied. There are 7 easy tips to study any subject with ease.

  1.   Teach it to someone – once you complete learning a lesson teach it to someone. This will help you understand it better. The lesson will be registered in your memory in a better way. If you can’t find someone to teach to pretend there is someone, or even try teaching a pillow.
  2.   Readout loud – when you read out lessons, you listen to them too. This gives you a double learning effect. Studies show that there is a 50% chance to memorize and understand something better if you read it out loud rather than just reading it again and again.
  3.   Use online video and tutorials – if you don’t understand any concept or topic, simply go to YouTube search for it. This is an absolute easy tip. A lot of video tutorials are available for each and every topic. They can help you understand the topic in an easy way. Besides that, platforms like khan academy have such videos and easy tutorials which can be referred to.
  4.   Write handwritten notes – For any topic that you read, write it down in the form of notes. Making notes helps one comprehend the concept better. Study shows that taking notes by hand allows you to identify important concepts and understand them better, rather than mindlessly typing them digitally.
  5.   Make a comfortable study space – Before you sit to study make sure that the study space is very comfortable. Make sure that you are seating in a learning position. You also must have everything you need like stationery, books, water, some snacks if required, and no disturbance. If you are constantly interrupted or distracted the concentration span reduces and learning becomes very difficult.
  6.   Short frequent sessions – Avoid studying any subject for long hours. Ideally have short study sessions of 30-50 minutes and take 10-minute breaks before starting again. We have very short concentration spans. Studying for long hours together will lead to exhaustion and mindless reading. Taking 10-minute breaks allows us to have effective learning.
  7.   Create mind maps and diagrams – Humans have a photographic memory. We tend to remember everything in photographs. Whenever you write a concept, for better understanding and longer memory draw mind maps of everything you study. This will help you effectively understand the topic and remember it for a longer time duration.


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In my personal experience, I have a habit to draw mind maps. For example, I have difficulty in remembering the digestive system. I draw a flow chart showing from which organs the food travels. This helped me remember the entire system and the organs.

Using such easy tips can greatly increase the understanding of any subject that you face difficulty with. Along with these tricks always stay confident and optimistic. Never be afraid to try new subjects no matter how hard they seem to be. Try out these easy tips and continue with the ones that are most effective for you. 

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