Are you looking for a platform that will give you information related to education easily? Do you know that CollegeBol is one such website that provides information from head to toe? Yes, CollegeBol is for the students to explore information related to education, institute, and exams. It also helps students take decision about their future through student reviews and counseling. To know more about CollegeBol, you must visit our website and see how each piece of information is crafted in a way that will benefit you. We observed that many times students fumble to know the career options and other relevant data about colleges and exams. Hence we thought of having CollegBol to help students in making decisions that will eventually shape their future. Here’s what CollegeBol brings for you to help you in a better way.

  • College information: We have tried covering all the possibly relevant information about colleges from across the nation. With the help of this information, it will be possible for students to know about the college from their desk. We also cover student’s reviews on our website so that besides the information that we give; you get an honest opinion about the college from a student’s mouth. There are options to explore the name of colleges’ streamwise so that it is quick and accurate. You are also able to filter the name of the colleges based on the location of the college and the course that you wish to enroll in. Isn’t it easy to target the area that you are looking for? Indeed, it is.
  • Articles: If you come down to the article section then you will see that it covers various niches and subjects. The sole aim to include various articles is to allow students and parents to have an insight into information regarding education and more than that. Our articles include updates about exams, colleges, mental health, and other related and relevant information. We have articles that are fun to read and at the same time, it will deliver a message to you. Do visit the most interesting section of our website.
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  • Counseling:  Are you looking for a career counselor? We have got it for you on our website to guide you in making a career choice. It is just as simple as hitting the button from our webpage. You can simply fill up a form and our career expert will assist you in making the right choice by suggesting the right course, college, student’s review, and also by connecting you with the alumni of that college. Isn’t it great to get such counseling without spending a fortune? Yes, you read it right. We offer counseling to students only at 500 INR as of now. Grab the opportunity if confusion takes you in the clutch.
  • Expert’s session: We come up with an expert’s session on a weekly basis. We connect with experts from different fields and ask the relevant question so that they can share their experiences with others. Our live sessions come up on Facebook and Instagram so that even you can ask a question and here an answer from them. Do follow or like our page to get notification about the expert’s session.

These are some of the features that CollegeBol brings to you. We keep an eye on all the relevant educational updates and put them on our page so that students can access them. Our aim is to help students in getting their dream career turn into reality. We aim to bring confidence in students through our various features. Visit us for more information.

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