Here are some tips that will definitely help you ace your college interview. College interviews are a chance to meet college representatives. It is a chance to show them what more you are than what your resume or mark sheet tells them. It’s a good way to show interest in the college. The best chance to show how determined you are to pursue the course from that college. 

  1.   Be yourself – This is the most important tip. Always be yourself. Do not try to answer what the interviewer wants to hear. Say what you would normally. Of course, be very honest and frank in every question you answer. Don’t try to please the interviewer, rather make an impression of who you actually are.
  1.   Prepare – Before the college interview prepares all the most likely questions. Practice the interview with friends and family. In fact, do take their suggestions too if any. The most common questions can be
  • Introduce yourself (Say something that they don’t already know)
  • What sparked your interest in this college? (State the real reason to go to this college)
  • What are your expectations from this course and university? (What do you plan to achieve from this college and course)
  • Any particular major you are interested in? (Be honest and state only if interested)
  • Which are the books you have read? (Frankly tell them, even if you don’t like reading be honest in your answer) 
  • What are your other interests? (Talk about your other hobbies and interest activities)


  1.   Ask some questions – During the interview it is equally important to ask relevant questions. This shows that you are actually interested in college. Be genuine and do not ask if you don’t have any real questions. Here are some things you might want to ask:
  • Any advice you would have for students coming to your college?
  • Does the college help students to gain employment or prepare for graduate studies
  • How does your college differ from other comparable colleges? 


  1.   Know the college – Always have complete information about the college. Know the important people. Along with that try to look into their history. See all the facilities provided to the students. Check what all activities they provide to students apart from academics. Additionally, look into their college fests and events. This will give you an insight into what kind of college it is and help you to answer the questions more confidently and have a good conversation with the interviewer.


  1.   Be very confident – While being honest about all your answers be very confident. People love confident candidates. Even when you do not know an answer to anything confidently say you won’t and will find it out post the interview. Moreover, this shows that you’re not scared to make mistakes and are taking responsibility. Have confidence in the way you walk, enter the room, talk, and leave the room. It is a key factor in the decision-making process.


  1.   Always follow the code of conduct – The interviewers never chose candidates who lack etiquette. Ask before entering the room and sitting down. Greet them pleasantly, and sit using appropriate body language. Always seem interested and be very attentive to the conversation. No matter how the interview goes, always thank the interviewer before leaving. Consequently, you will score well on the discipline portion. It creates a good impression as well.


  1.   Carry your credentials – Whatever you have mentioned in the CV and mark sheet, carry a copy or original proof of the same. Have an organized file for the same. In case the interviewer asks for verification, you must have all proofs with you. 


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Relax and be calm before you go for the college interview. Use these tips and you will be ready for your interview in no time. These interviews are a chance to show your potential and create lasting impressions. Don’t miss this chance and ace your interview! 

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