Did we think about the pandemic and the resulting lockdown? Were we all ready for the situation we are facing? The answer is NO. We never thought that we would remain confined to the four walls for more than 2 months. I know that it must be very difficult for you all but there was no choice because after all, it was in favor of people’s health. Today when I look back and think then it feels that there are many things that this lockdown has taught us. Don’t you feel that you have transformed into some other version of you? Do you want to know what this lockdown has taught me? Read it here.

  1. Prioritizing health: We all know that health is wealth but how much seriously do we take this? This microscopic virus made us realize the importance of keeping our bodies stronger from within. We started looking after our health in a better way and we realized the worth of having fit bodies.
  2. Appreciation: I realized the worth of a person who delivers the newspaper to me every morning. The absence of a newspaper hit me hard and I understood that I should appreciate a newspaper guy who looks after my habit of reading newspapers. In normal life we are all occupied with our own routine and do not take the time out to appreciate the smallest of things. It is this lockdown that gave the opportunity to pause and think.
  3. Chat with silence: Do you get time to sit alone and speak to yourself?  In a busy routine, who does that? When do we have that time to simply be with ourselves? Lockdown helped the running time to slow down, get a little quieter, and enjoy the ME moments.
  4. Feeling blessed: If you are reading this then probably you are a person who survived the lockdown phase. A situation where many migrants were turned homeless, many people who killed their hunger, and many who’s living paused. There are some who could manage everything in spite of this critical situation and you should feel blessed if you are one of them.
  5. Gratitude: The frontline warriors fought the situation and they are still fighting so that we can stay home safe and protected. Imagine a hospital without doctors, no grocers to give you groceries, no pharmacists to give away medicines; what would happen then? Therefore we should thank all these fighters who stood firm and served the people.
  6. Spending wisely: There was too much uncertainty about life and businesses. Malls, coffee shops, theatres, hotels, and many other public places are not going to open any soon. Did you realize that one can be happy without all these and save a lot? This thought did put an end to thoughtless expenditure.
  7. Patience: There are no pushing, pulling, crowd, and people sticking to one another in a queue. Schools were putting hard efforts to inculcate these qualities but all in vain. This virus taught people to keep distance and do the needful with patience. So everyone is now obedient whether it’s at the ATM or a bus queue or buying daily needs.
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These are some of the highlights that I have learned during this lockdown. What have you learned amidst this situation? Do let us know in the comment below. Do visit us for more such related and educational updates.

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