Do you love to play games? Do you dream to earn by playing games and have a career in the gaming industry?

The gaming industry provides many career options.Gaming for many people if a passion. They can spend hours playing and getting to know about the game. There are many ways to make a career out of it. Here are 6 career options you can choose from if you love gaming.

  1. Game designer – The most important career in the gaming industry is a game designer. The designers undertake the task of designing the entire game. They build the characters, puzzles, levels, and art. Additionally, create the ideas which serve as the blueprint to make the game.  One must have a passion toward games and creative skills. 
  2. Game developer – To be a game developer your interest must lie in math, computers, and creative skills. Here the game designer’s ideas are converted into an actual the game.  It is advisable to undertake a professional course in game developing rather than pursuing just a general computer engineering degree.  There are various courses right from certification courses to diplomas to post graduate degrees. 
  3. Game artists – The game artists work alongside designers and developers. They bring the game to life through their artistic creations. They try to bring the characters, background and the game to a reality. Therefore, Artists have to focus on 2D and 3D visual elements for the games. One must have passion for video games as well as art and graphic designing.
  4. Game writers – They write the plot and dialogues for the games. They combine their love for gaming and writing in one. It involves extensive research in the initial phases. Then moving to detailed writing and coding as well. Lastly, also focus more on technical aspects than creative aspects.
  5. Game audio engineers – Their job is to make sound effects for the game. They have a very important role. Imagine playing Mario without the sound, it won’t appeal you. Sound is a very important part of any game. It’s an ideal job for people with inclination towards music, and a passion for gaming.  
  6. Game testers – These are the people who love to play. They test the games that are made. Along with that they give feedback, detect bugs and glitches. Also, work closely with the development team. Lastly, must have an eye for detail. It is also a high paying job to take on.

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To sum up gaming is an upcoming industry which is thriving. It is currently growing at the rate of 9.3%, with a foretasted revenue of 159.3 billion dollars in 2020. In fact there are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide currently. The pay scales for careers in gaming industry are high. Combine your passion with you career. Thus, it is time to take up a professional course on gaming and do what you love!

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