It is a dream for all students to go to their choice of university. There might be some exams we all have to appear for in order to fulfill that dream.  Along with the 12th board exams, entrances like JEE, NEET, etc. are important exams. To crack these with flying colors students need to appear for mock exams. These are practice exams. They boast their confidence and help them work and prepare in a better way. This is one of the main reasons to take mock tests. Indeed it helps them to crack the exams that they are aiming at.

  1.       Trial run – the exams that are going to determine our future need to be given with all our efforts. In order to know our mistakes and weaknesses we must first give mock exams. These mock practices serve as trial practices. They help us take the feel of the exams. They help you to analyse your paper and consciously avoid these mistakes in the final paper.
  2.       Practice – Practice makes a man perfect. It is one of the important reasons to take mock tests. For all subjects practice is the only way to get better at it. It helps us revise the entire syllabus and points out whatever we’re missing or need to work on. It makes us familiar with scope and paper patterns so that we know what is to be expected out of the paper. The practice will help them check their level of knowledge too. Students can solve the papers faster with increased practice which will give them enough time to complete exams.
  3.       Strategy for actual exams – By analyzing the mistakes in the paper, it gives time to the students to make a plan for the actual exams. The students can develop a strategy based on their analysis to crack the actual test. Consequently, by trial and error one can choose the strategy that works for them and easily crack the exams.
  4.       Time management – mocks allow you to understand your speed to write the tests. They help you manage your time for different sections and parts of your paper. Most of the tests are time based and to complete them, you need to keep practicing so as to increase your speed while maintaining your efficiency. If managed well it can give students more time to answer questions that are challenging for them with increased accuracy.
  5.       Confidence and progress – When we practice it makes us more confident. Sometimes we complete the syllabus but we feel very nervous and it leads to us making silly mistakes in the paper. The mocks will show you where you stand. Additionally, it will show your progress. Once you start improving it will imbibe confidence which is an important factor for clearing any exam. The more confident you are, the higher are the chances to crack the exams.

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On the whole, there are endless reasons to take mock tests.  These will be a very big factor to determine your results. It’s okay to not get good grades here, as there is always a scope for improvement in the actual exams. Take as many mocks as you can and be exam ready! 

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