Internships are of great significance. Today the employers see it as a value addition to the candidate’s profile. It helps the student gain knowledge, exposure and find interests. The internships are a great way to make an impact and see what the industry is like in reality. There are a lot of benefits that they provide you like:


  1.   Experience and exposure – ‘’the only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein. The students gain practical experience in the field that they want to pursue in the future. Doing internships during your learning years is of great advantage. The internship gives enormous exposure. The students get to see how the real world works. This hands on learning helps them a lot in their careers.


  1.   Building your CV – Companies as well as universities count internship experiences as a professional experience. It shows that you have some kind of practical knowledge. The company sees this as an exposure to the industry which makes you an asset for them.  Relevant experiences in the field help you demonstrate your value and skills. Moreover, there is a better chance for you to land jobs if you have enough experience. Currently, employers also demand some sort of experience before they give you jobs. This can indeed serve as the experience required for the future.


  1.   Helps you find your interests – Doing various internships shows students if their actual interest lies in the field that they have chosen or not. They see what their job will look like in the future. They can see for themselves if this is the field of their choice or not by experiencing it first-hand. If not it gives them an opportunity to explore for other interests and accordingly choose their career effectively.


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  1.   Learning opportunity – The internships also give a learning opportunity to the students. The learning can happen in 2 ways, theoretical and practical. Both are equally important. Our education system takes care of theoretical knowledge. The internships take care of practical knowledge. This method helps gain a lot of knowledge of the respective field. It applies theory to practice. As there are no major responsibilities given, the environment is very safe for learning.
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  1.   Networking – These internships help you build contacts in the industry that you’re planning to enter in the future.  It also provides you contact with fellow interns who are going to work in the same field as you. It helps you build connections with the people already in the industry that can benefit you greatly. When you are finally ready to enter the real world it will be easier as you will already have the knowledge as well as contacts required for that industry.


The internships happening today play a major role in starting careers of students. Such professional experience is greatly valued and adds to your skill set. Thus, all students should undertake such internships so as to get a head start in their careers. 

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