The batch never got to say goodbye…

To the batch of 2020. A batch that will be remembered in history. There is a strong bond between students and their colleges. A place where they’ve spent the best days of their lives. The 2020 batch kind of missed to live back those beautiful days of their lives and create memories on their last days of college life. The ones they will remember for a lifetime. The pandemic led to the shutting down of schools and colleges but no one knew that it would take away their last final moments together.

Events like graduation make the students realize that it’s finally time to step out in the real world. They did not get graduation, they never got to write those letters, and hug their batch mates for the one last time. Their final goodbye was virtual, their final goodbye didn’t feel like goodbye, it didn’t feel final.  Imagine, studying hard for years to just hear your name being called out on stage, receiving a degree, and celebrating one of the biggest accomplishments of your life. The batch of 2020 was robbed of this celebration, unlike other batches.


The uncertain conditions have filled their minds with fear about the future. Along with health, there is uncertainty about jobs and aspirations. It’s hard to predict what is in store for them now. The bad economic conditions and increasing unemployment is going to be a huge challenge for them.

The batch of 2020 is a very special batch. In their life, very early on they learned one of the most important lessons of life. The transience of life. The uncertainty with which we are living today. They learned how to not take small moments like sitting with friends for granted. The batch is naturally much more grateful. They have set an example for others by learning it the hard way to not take life for granted.

They all are showing exemplary courage and bravery at challenging times like these. May they become whoever they want to be, and hope to be! We all stand with them and are very proud.  

So, as the 2020 batch bids a farewell in a non-traditional way to their college, unable to look around and hug their classmates in celebration, we hope they remain grateful for their blessings and step into a better future. Be proud of yourselves and keep your heads high as you step into the real world.

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