It has been a challenging time where one cannot think of anything else but COVID-19. Constant pour of negative information has trapped our thinking ability during the pandemic. According to PsychologyToday, the more we try to run from such thoughts and information, the more it haunts us and creates panic. The basic way to handle this crisis is to unbiasedly accept that there is one. Once we start accepting the circumstances, avenues of hope appear.

Several cases of suicide in these weeks prove that this pandemic has not only caused physical harm to the human race but has also deteriorated mental peace. The following tips might help you to observe your thought pattern and work on your reaction to causes.

  1. Balance the information you consume

Amidst heart threatening negative news around, wisely choose your mental diet. For every negative information a day, pour some positives into your brain. If there is no positive news around, observe the positives surrounding you. Watch your plant growing, embrace your relationships which you managed to keep healthy even in such challenging situations.

  1. Exercise daily

You may think of how yoga and exercise can affect mental fitness. Exercise in any form, may it be workout or dance stimulates your brain to release dopamine which is also known as the happy hormone. This hormone helps in promoting positive feelings throughout your body and mind. If you were looking for an assured solution to reduce stress shaking your body is the way to accomplish your desire.

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  1. Plug in good music

Music is a testified solution to help humans beat stress and anxiety. Positive tunes plugged in while doing basic chores like cooking, cleaning, etc. can make these activities burst your bubble of anxiety. It also helps you focus better and drives you away to a better world of its rhythms. Watching the sunset with a melodious song is pure bliss in itself.

  1. Continue communication

This practice is the most essential of all while dealing with adverse situations. Stay connected to people and do not stop talking. This is the time to maintain a social distance but check yourself developing emotional distance. Conversations are essential for the brain to breathe out feelings and opinions. Do not restrict this natural phenomenon of talking. If you do not feel like talking to your family members, friends are an alternative. If friends are aloof, talk to therapists available online.  But always choose whom you share yourself with in the form of conversations.


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Some basics to keep in check and we all shall help each other triumph together.

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