Have you always been confused with this question?

Well, there is no direct answer to this debatable question. Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Knowledge, both of them are 2 sides to the same coin. They are both types of important knowledge, however, they are acquired by different methods in real-life.

One needs formal learning set up while the other is gained through real-life experiences. They both go hand – in – hand. If either is not taken up it can prove to be an obstruction in the future. In today’s era, our formal education system clearly lacks practical knowledge. Anyone who wishes to achieve great success needs clarity on both fronts. 

First, let’s see what they both actually mean:


Theoretical Knowledge – As the word says, theoretical knowledge is based on a theory and lacks practical application.

  •  Facts and statements – It tells you why something is true and is supported. It shows what the knowledge is about. 
  • Concept – Theoretical knowledge is highly focused on the concept. It gives a context to that concept and explains the theoretical aspects of it without the application of the same.
  • Learning – Having theoretical knowledge is highly necessary as it focuses on learning and provides greater clarity of facts. This knowledge is an important aspect and the formal learning system focuses more on theory and understanding of facts and principles.



Real-Life Situations = Practical knowledge

  • Know-How – Practical knowledge shows the ’know-how’ part. It is the application of the theory. Also known as hands-on knowledge.
  • Concept – It is the implementation of the concepts. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding, exposure, and experience of the concept through practice
  • Real-Life -It is used in real life and actual day-to-to work. These acquired skills and techniques are what will earn you everything. No one can teach practical knowledge but it is gained through one’s own learnings and experiences. 

The more practical knowledge one has, the more it will help them in their careers.

Let’s take an example

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In sports, one may know the rules of the game and what to do at what point in the game, but it doesn’t assure that one knows how to play.



To conclude, theoretical knowledge teaches you through the experiences of others whereas practical knowledge teaches you through experiences of your own. 

Without theoretical knowledge, one cannot apply it in real-life situations and without practical knowledge, the theory is of no use. A combination of both can make you the best at whatever you are doing. First understanding the theory and then applying it in real life yields the best results. c

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a student, professional, employee, or a businessman, both types of knowledge are highly important for success.  

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