Students currently face a lot of mental health issues. There are innumerable causes for the same. One of the major causes is that they face a lot of performance pressure, from parents, society, and peers, due to increased competition.  They also deal with substance abuse, bullying, and lack of accomplishment among other causes of such issues.

At such points, everyone should be supportive and can use some ways to help the students be positive and not suffer from any mental illness.


  1. Talk – Be very vocal about everything that you feel. I am sure that one can find at least someone to whom they could share their honest feelings. Talking can make one feel a lot better. If not a person one can always practice journaling.
  2. Psychotherapy – No one is alone with this fight against depression and other mental illnesses. Friends, family members should be approached first if you feel any symptoms of such mental illness. If they aren’t supportive or can’t be helpful, the next step is to contact professionals like psychologists. Currently, most institutions are having on-campus psychologists. They should be approached without feeling embarrassment or guilt. They are the ones who can help you recover.
  3. Practice mindfulness – Mindfulness is the act of being in the present not wandering to the past or future. While that sounds simple it is really tough. Yoga and reading books about mindful practices can be of great help. Other applications like headspace, calm, and others can help you practice mindfulness too. This can take a lot of anxiety away and help you.
  4. Improve sleeping habits – Make sure to get an appropriate amount of sleep. Don’t oversleep and force yourself to wake up if it’s so. Plan a routine for the next day as a motivation to get up. In case of lack of sleep listen to audiobooks, positive content, and try to get as much sleep.


  1. Exercise – Exercise acts as an antidepressant and causes the same structural changes in the brain. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It also has physical benefits like lowering blood pressure, reducing fats, and improving strength. Exercise can be a simple walk in the park, playing your favorite sport, or even going to the gym.
  2. Avoid substance abuse – Substance abuse in colleges is very common. Students should have their main focus on avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, or any substance abuse. However, during any mental illness, it can look like a relief but it is not. It actually is very harmful and can increase the extent of such mental illnesses. They should be avoided.
  3. Eat right – Students really find it hard to cook or eat healthy regularly. One choice that students can make is to eat right and healthy. Including a side of salad or fresh fruits in every meal can also make a huge difference. Making better food choices can reduce depression greatly.

Mental health and depression are serious diseases. They are like other illnesses and should be treated with the utmost importance. If you see anyone struggling around you, be the first one to help, and if you’re struggling follow these tips, reach out for help, and fight it! 

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