How crucial is your parent’s role in your career?

With increased competition, it is crucial for students to choose the correct career path after school.  This is the time when they evaluate their potential and passion and combine them into a career path. Some students are free to choose the field with their choice. While others have to go with what their parents choose for them even if it’s against their liking.

Every single child possesses a unique set of qualities and skills which may be very different from their parents. Each and every child deserves to follow their dreams and make a life of their own. Parents often make decisions based on their previous experiences and want their children to have a secure life. The parents can take another course of action instead of imposing and making decisions for their children.

Give time and freedom for exploration – Firstly, the parents should give their children time to explore and choose from the available paths. They can aid the process rather than imposing it. Parents should be open to their child’s ideas and dreams. They should help them discover their inner talents and potentials. They must make the child evaluate his/her choices but at the same time be comfortable to have discussions about it and choose the most suitable way.

Discuss and help, don’t impose – Sometimes the parents also see themselves in their kids, and want them to pursue the dreams they pursue. But this isn’t right. The students aren’t mature at times while making these decisions and need guidance. This guidance must not look like an imposition as it could harm the interpersonal relations.

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Use positive statements – Whatever their choice, the parents should motivate, support, and push the child towards accomplishing their dreams. Their words should not ever be negative as a child always looks up to their parents as role models. Any negative comment could demotivate them. Rather even if the child fails, he/she should be encouraged only with positive words.

Motivate them and instill confidence – Parents can show their children their potential and instill confidence in them by setting an example themselves. They must guide them to discover themselves and what they want from their life. Parents when appreciating the children should remain motivated and never doubt themselves.

In the future, if the child is stuck in a job where he/she isn’t satisfied, all the blame goes on the parents as they had decided it. So, this crucial decision should be made by the parents and children together in harmony and mutual understanding. If the child brings his interest and potential and the parents their experience to the table the results are most likely to be for the best.

A parent’s role clearly has to be the one who supports, understands, protects, and pushes their children to the best possible career path for them and makes it a goal to help their child during this crucial decision. 

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