We have studied since ages that ‘health is wealth’ and even the future generation studies the same. From students to adults, everyone realizes the importance of staying fit physically. We go for a walk, jog, and join a gym or a dance class to keep our body fit. One of the recent articles in Economic Times says that India is one of the countries in the world that has a higher number of people that are not mentally well. The youth of today is lacking awareness and approach towards life. They are inclined to the virtuosity rather than living in the real world. It is high time that we should often talk about mental health and its consequences before we see our youth failing into it.

Let’s find out the reason and solution to it.

  • Share and not shy: The youth of today fail to communicate. We believe that communication with your friends and family is very necessary. As you communicate, you are sure to get some path guiding light in it. Therefore, if you are in any situation, it is important that you say to your family or friends. Whether it is a failure or a situation, there is no need to shy away from it. Instead of that why not admit it or share it with your near ones and you will surely feel better.
  • Fear of being judged: Everyone in their life will take the wrong decision at least once. Does that mean that they are committing some kind of crime? No, absolutely not. We should definitely take steps that are fair in life but if by chance if your idea fails then it is totally OK.  If others are getting judgemental then do not stop for the fear of it. It is just as simple as sharing it with your dear ones and keep moving ahead without worrying about what people will say.
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  • Virtuosity: Social media is influence is too much in society. We believe all that we see on social media. At times, without proper understanding, the people become a victim of the inferiority complex. They start hiding if they are not able to a glam part of social media. The youth of today wants thousands of likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram. Is that all life is about? A big NO. It is OK to be part of social media but following it blindly and jumping on to some conclusions is not OK. Make some real friends and relations to keep you happy in real meaning.
  • Materialistic love: The people of today find happiness in materials. To them, buying branded clothes and shoes, having a lavish house with a huge garden and a glamorous lifestyle is happiness for them. If someday they are deprived of any of these things then life comes to an end for them. We don’t say that you don’t need things in life but not to the extent that it becomes the only priority for you.

There are many other factors contributing to mental wellness but the above ones are the ones that we can control. Let’s ensure that we talk about mental wellness without any hesitation. Schools can initiate mental wellness programs and educate students on its importance. Do these things and see the change in you

  • Ask advice from friends or family
  • Don’t fall for judgments
  • Don’t fear failures
  • Motivate yourself
  • Eat healthy foodAll
  • Speak up, share your problems

All these years we have given importance to physical health so let’s give importance to mental health too. Are you looking for motivation or counseling, do follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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